TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) Security

TopQuadrant Vulnerability Management Policies


This page describes TopQuadrant’s policies for addressing potential vulnerabilities in our products. 

Open Source Software TopQuadrant maintains a current list of open source software used in EDG available here. TopQuadrant updates these libraries regularly to ensure the most current security patches are applied. 

TopQuadrant code base is continually monitored for known vulnerabilities. Prior to releases, a complete scan is done as well. Please contact TopQuadrant support for copies of this report.

Customers typically run independent audits of the software for compliance specific to their organization as well, such as FISMA. TopQuadrant consistently successfully passes these audits.

Response All vulnerabilities are analyzed for impact and severity. If a vulnerability is found to be critical in the context of normal operation of the software, it will be remedied with a patch or new release or mitigation controls. Non-critical vulnerabilities will be remedied in the following release.
Notification Customers will be notified through TopQuadrant support if critical vulnerabilities are found that will have an impact on the software and its use by customers.
Reporting Customers are encouraged to contact TopQuadrant support to report any security concerns or questions regarding TopQuadrant software.


The following table shows the CVEs addressed with TopQuadrant’s latest release. You can find more information in the release notes and corresponding change logs.

Release CVE Impact
6.4.0 CVE-2020-7662: websocket-extensions low
6.4.0 CVE-2019-0205, CVE-2019-0210: Apache Thrift (Apache Jena) low
6.4.1 CVE-2020-13822: elliptic low
6.4.1 CVE-2020-8203: lodash low
6.4.2 CVE-2019-10086, CVE2013-0248, CVE-2014-0050, CVE-2016-1000031, CVE-2016-3092, and CVE-2012-
6.4.4 Removed debugging utility with additional abilities high
7.0.0 CVE-2018-10237, CVE-2019-12400, CVE-2020-2773, CVE-2020-8908, CVE-2020-25649, CVE-2019-10744, CVE-2020-8203, CVE-2021-23337, CVE-2015-9251 low
7.0.1 Removed debugging utility with additional abilities high