“DBpedia … currently has over 3 billion triples (that is, facts stored using the W3C standard RDF data model) available for use by applications, making it a cornerstone of the semantic web. A surprising amount of this data is expressed using the SKOS vocabulary, the W3C standard model for taxonomies used by the Library of Congress, the New York Times, and many other organizations to publish their taxonomies and subject headers. … DBpedia has data about over a million SKOS concepts, arranged hierarchically and ready for you to pull down with simple queries so that you can use them in your RDF applications to add value to your own content and other data. … A SKOS-based taxonomy management tool such as TopBraid EVN lets you revise and curate this data and metadata to support your own business needs as well as managing the relationship between the data you retrieve and your own additions… So, with the query [outlined in the article] you can start pulling taxonomies about any of the huge collection of categories that DBpedia offers, as well as data about the members of those categories—business, culture, science, technology, and more. Even comedy horror movies!”

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