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Q3-2015 Issue

A note from TopQuadrant's CEO, Irene Polikoff

As the season progresses so do new enhancements and priorities at TopQuadrant. It’s been a busy year to date as we continue to focus on the data governance needs of our customers. Attending recent events such as the MDM & Data Governance Summit and the Data Governance Financial Services Conference, along with talking to participants and leading industry analysts confirmed my view that in the era of Big Data, data variety reigns. This includes variety in structure, format and storage technologies such as relational databases, content management systems, NoSQL databases, file systems and data lakes.

For all of our customers the growing data variety brings an increased focus on data governance. To enable data governance, organizations first need to know what data they have, what their data means and where it is used — irrespective of its structure, format and location. Some call such information metadata. Others, recognizing that the term metadata is not precise enough, call it data governance information and distinguish between stewardship, operational and business level data governance information. Capturing and organizing this information can be challenging, but having access to it is a cornerstone of any data governance program. The good news is that TopBraid products offer a flexible and powerful technology that makes addressing this challenge much easier.

MDM Institute: Field Report on TopBraid RDM

The Field Report: TopBraid Reference Data Manager was included by Aaron Zornes in his coverage of leading RDM solutions at the recent MDM & Data Governance Summit conference in New York. The following is an excerpt from Aaron’s bottom line on TopBraid RDM:

“It is a self-service reference data governance hub for subject matter experts that provides 'full spectrum' reference data to comprehensively support an enterprise’s IT portfolio. Due to its agile-style approach to business data modeling, TopBraid RDM appears to be an excellent choice as a flexible and low cost (yet fast time to value) web-based solution for reference data governance.”

MDM Institute Survey Highlights
To complement the Field Report, we recently presented a webinar with Aaron Zornes that included results of a recent survey on RDM implementation across industries. The following are some highlights:
  • Impact of poor or non-existent RDM is profound
  • RDM is vital for analytical, transactional & operational systems—reflected in investment levels
  • Initial RDM investments are manageable—getting started won’t kill your budget like CRM, ERP, CDI or PIM
  • Semantic-based RDM is best suited for agile reference data governance
  • 50%+ of successful MDM implementations happen on non-mega vendor solutions … RDM is tracking the same
  • RDM is sufficiently independent from traditional MDM (CDI, PIM) that 3rd party RDM as an adjunct is a valid strategy
  • RDM is becoming an “entry point” for many organizations planning MDM & Data Governance
  • Buy don't build RDM …Seek out providers with a flexible RDM solution

Recording of RDM Webinar with Aaron Zornes – featuring Survey results

Kennisnet, the public organization for education and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Netherlands, is currently using TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN) to support the development of standardized semantics for Dutch education. They're using TopBraid EVN to facilitate seamless inter-organizational flow of information in primary and secondary administrative processes. See Press Release.

According to Jeroen Hamers, product owner at Kennisnet, “with the out-of-the-box solution of TopBraid EVN, Kennisnet is able to stimulate and facilitate the development of a common language for Dutch formal and informal education by working together with all partners in the primary and secondary educational processes. The most important is to help people understand each other even in completely different contexts.”

The Air Force, through its BAA-RIK-2014-0014 competition, has selected TopQuadrant’s TopBraid EVN and TopBraid Live semantic business applications server to provide the software capabilities to implement the foundations for a semantic system for Mission Aware Mission Assurance (MAMA) by developing Mission Mapping and Information Flow Acquisition (MAMA Phase I) capabilities. MAMA will enhance mission situational awareness by automating assessment of the mission state through the analysis of Managed Information Objects that flow through to Content and Context Aware Trusted Routers. The system will provide IM services that automate, secure, scale, and cross-federate mission relevant information identification and delivery. Our TopBraid products and technologies support these capabilities.

SHACL: Next Generation Data Modeling Language Holger Knublauch, TopQuadrant's Principal Engineer and VP of R&D, has been a leading contributor in the W3C's RDF Data Shapes Working Group effort to produce a language for defining structural constraints on RDF graphs. The result is Shapes Constraint Language, or SHACL. To learn more about this new language and how TopQuadrant is actively supporting its development, read Holger’s blog post about SHACL. Also, the W3C SHACL Specification Draft is now officially open for comments. We invite you to contribute!

Given the expanding set of new capabilities of TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net and the increasing interest from customers, we recently initiated a “Deep Dives” webinar series. This series takes an in-depth look into selected capabilities of TopBraid EVN through 30-minute webinars and related blog posts. In Part 1, we presented the webinar "Automated Tagging with the new AutoClassifer."

Access webinar recording and slides Answers to questions from webinar
Blog post on AutoClassifier

Our next Deep Dives EVN webinar will cover collaborative ontology management in EVN on December 3, 2015 at 11:00ET. Watch for an email announcement soon to register!

Autoclassifier Webinar Recording

In conjunction with the Field Report: TopBraid Reference Data Manager we recently presented the well-attended webinar: Why is Reference Data Governance Mission Critical? – with Aaron Zornes. Aaron, Chief Research Officer of the MDM Institute, provided key insights on the importance of reference data management (RDM) in the enterprise today and highlighted some significant findings of the recent MDM Institute survey examining aspects of RDM implementation across industries.

Key survey results
Access webinar recording and slides

The webinar complemented our series of Deep Dive blogs on RDM. In the latest, Part 4, we see how reference data usability is enhanced when needed by enriching the data with additional fields.

RDM Webinar Recording
KNVI Conference
The Netherlands

TopQuadrant is exhibiting at the KNVI conference in the Netherlands. If you are interested in a meeting at this event please contact Anna Dabrowska, Senior Semantic Solutions Architect for TopQuadrant, at Booth #32 or by email at

Data Governance Winter Conference
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

TopQuadrant is a gold sponsor and will be exhibiting. If you are interested in a meeting at this event please contact Irene Polikoff, CEO for TopQuadrant, at

The 5.1 release of our TopBraid family of products is just around the corner. In our next newsletter we will include an overview of what the new 5.1 release offers, including a variety of new and enhanced features in TopBraid EVN, TopBraid RDM and the TopBraid platform.


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