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Q2-2018 Issue


A Note From TopQuadrant's CEO, Irene Polikoff

Today, enterprise information and data are among the most important assets of an enterprise – some even refer to data, not oil, as today’s most valuable asset. An organization’s optimal use and management are the motivations behind the rapid growth and urgency of interest in data governance. The cataloging of diverse enterprise data by capturing its full (technical and business) context and meaning through connections across all assets in the enterprise ecosystem is foundational to effective data governance.

In order to achieve truly effective data governance, an organization must address three essential aspects: Executive, Representative and Applied data governance, as illustrated below. Click image for an expanded view.

Data Governance Triangle

Many data governance initiatives focus on only one or two aspects of data governance. We believe that all three must be addressed in an integrated way. Our new whitepaper, Building Bridges to Business Context is Essential to Data Governance, explores this topic and discusses how knowledge graph technology can help enterprises achieve integrated data governance.

TopBraid Release 6.0 Is Here!

TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) 6.0 offers an integrated approach to data governance which readily allows for customer specific enhancements to its model-driven end user experience, and its integration with other systems.

Using standards-based knowledge graphs, TopBraid EDG 6.0 delivers enhanced capabilities for all three aspects of data governance, including the following:
(see also CEO’s Note)

Executive Governance
  • Governance roles per Asset
  • User configurable metric dashboards with trending
Representative Governance
  • Automated generation of crosswalks across asset collections
  • Automated connection of data elements to business terms
  • User selectable rules and transformations for data acquisition and profiling
Applied Governance
  • Extending lineage diagrams for richer traceability across Business Terms and Activities, Data Assets, Applications, Policies and Regulations, etc.
  • User selectable rules and transformations for reporting
In addition, 6.0 also offers infrastructure enhancements, including:
  • Enhanced user experience including improved user navigations, ontology editing and visualization
  • GraphQL support which makes data (internally stored as RDF graphs) available in JSON for reporting and integration with other systems
For a complete list of new and enhanced capabilities see: TopBraid 6.0 Release Notes.

An international strategic market research firm is deploying its EDG-based pilot solution for one of its industries. The solution creates a knowledge graph that supports semantic search, analysis and flexible aggregation of key business data about products, brands, events and locations. Based on the success of the pilot, the firm launched a strategic project to expand the solution to all customer industries.

A major global bank has extended its TopBraid EDG installation to include TopBraid Explorer in order to provide a wider audience of business users access to the information governed by EDG. The firm uses EDG to dramatically extend their governance capabilities by creating a knowledge graph of their application and data landscape. The graph will include lineage information across thousands of applications and data flow dependencies.

A global enterprise in life sciences and agriculture selected TopBraid EDG-Vocabulary Management, along with TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier, to support their solution initiative for auto-tagging government regulatory documents. The solution will also link the regulations to referenced crops, geographic areas of agricultural work, and chemicals.

A multinational bank selected TopBraid EDG-Vocabulary Management for its extensive combination of capabilities including ontology development with comprehensive support for rich definitions and rules (SHACL), workflows, versioning, collaboration and visualization of knowledge graphs.

Press Release: On July 10, 2018, TopQuadrant and Manta announced a partnership to help customers automate the discovery of data lineage information. Full press release.

SEMANTiCS 2018 Conference, Sept. 10-14, Vienna. TopQuadrant will conduct the tutorial
GraphQL for JSON and SHACL/RDF Interoperability Attendees will get an overview of GraphQL and its benefits for Semantic-based solutions. With exercises, they will explore architecture options for building user interfaces using React with SHACL-generated GraphQL schemas, and how GraphQL directives are integrated with SPARQL.

Taxonomy Bootcamp, Nov. 5-6, Wash., D.C. TopQuadrant’s CEO, Irene Polikoff, will be speaking on Semantic Search Enrichment.

RECORDED: TopBraid GraphQL: Bringing the Worlds of JSON and RDF Together. This webinar introduced the new, ground-breaking, GraphQL capabilities of TopBraid 6.0, combining the richness and flexibility of W3C semantic technology standards with the simplicity and elegance of GraphQL.

RECORDED: “Applied Data Governance – Part 3: A Day in the Life of a Reference Data Steward”. In this third webinar in the Applied Data Governance series, we covered a day in the life of a Reference Data Steward.

UPCOMING: Sept. 20, 11:30 am, EDT, “Understanding Lineage and Impact of Data through Interactive Visual Maps”. Join us to learn more about business use cases that rely on understanding lineage of data and what data governance capabilities are needed for data lineage.

Webinar Info and Registration

We recently launched our Quick Grok video series to provide short, practical “how to” demos’ of EDG capabilities. There is a growing list of tutorials that support features generally available in EDG, and in EDG packages including: See TopBraid Product Videos for a complete list. Also, in conjunction with the TopBraid 6.0 release, the new video New Features in TopBraid EDG 6.0 provides an overview and tour of new / enhanced capabilities. A companion EDG 6.0 overview slide set is also available.

TopBraid EDG Quick Grok Videos

TopQuadrant is a gold sponsor and exhibitor at the Data Architecture Summit October 8-11, 2018, in Chicago, IL.

Our next newsletter will offer a preview of enhancements planned for the 6.1 release. It will also discuss in more depth the importance of data lineage in supporting business activities such regulatory compliance reporting.

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