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Q1-2017 Issue


A Note From TopQuadrant's CEO, Irene Polikoff

As we talk with customers, prospects and data experts, we increasingly hear that they are becoming more familiar with the open, graph-based semantic standards for representing and managing data and metadata. Perhaps this is the reason why my colleagues attending Enterprise Data World (EDW) 2017 were often asked to describe the importance of these standards to data governance. Other drivers for this interest, of course, may be that people are still not getting what they need from their existing solutions in order to deal with the demands and complexity of regulatory compliance, ensuring data quality, getting value from big data and addressing other data management challenges. So they are looking to new possibilities and approaches.

As Ralph Hodgson wrote in a recent blog with his insights from EDW 2017:
“The proverbial lightbulb seemed to go off with each explanation of how semantic web standards make it possible for enterprises to overcome these challenges by automating the correlation of disparate information specific to their needs.”

Speaking of lightbulbs, to make a rough analogy, we all enjoy the benefits of many standards in our daily lives, such as the ability to plug things in to “standard” outlets – this was not always the case in the early days of electricity when it was a new technology. Similarily, the semantic standards or linked data allow one to easily just “plug in” data and metadata from diverse data sources and stakeholders.

This is why the addition of SHACL – a new W3C standard for data validation -- is such a significant complement to the semantic standards technology stack. As I explain in Now You Can Finally Validate your RDF – SHACL Reaches Candidate Recommendation Status! “It delivers much needed capabilities for ensuring data quality in enterprise solutions.”

What does this mean for data governance? As Jan Voskuill, CEO of Taxonic and an experienced information management professional, puts it:
“… SHACL is a significant step towards making Linked Data more viable and useable in practical situations. Many people believe that once it is an official standard, SHACL will be a game changer in data governance and Big Data.”

TopQuadrant Launches TopBraid Release 5.3

Our latest release, TopBraid 5.3, includes enhanced, configurable search capabilities that make it easy for business users to navigate their organization’s data governance landscape, quickly find what they are looking for and contribute their knowledge.

There were several key enhancements to TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) including:
  • Overall user experience improvements, including enhanced search features that allow users to perform free text, semantic and faceted search over all their governed content
  • New and enhanced import capabilities make it easier for end users to directly bring in data and metadata to be governed, without burdening IT
  • Support for compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • LineageGram™, a new visualization for connected assets, lets users interactively track data and business lineage for compliance

Read the press release for more information.

A global data capture and analysis company has selected TopQuadrant for our expertise in semantic web technology. The company is interested in the value that semantic data governance can bring to their retail division's customer data analytics, solving a data reporting issue that has been a long-standing issue for the organization as a whole. TopQuadrant will help the company build a prototype to explore and evaluate a full scale upgrade of their data management infrastructure based on semantic standards.

Case Study: Healthwise, who provides health content and patient education solutions, uses TopBraid EVN to create a unified knowledge graph across domains. According to Adam Kimball, Director of Engineering, “We knew that integrating our metadata into one authoring system would bring great benefits to our knowledge engineering team, but we didn’t expect to see such gains in simplifying our content manufacturing applications, too. If it weren’t for TopQuadrant’s broad utilization of open semantic standards, this work would have never been possible.”
For more, see the full case study

KMWorld: On March 1, 2017 the article “Disrupting the Data Landscape again with Linked Open Data” quotes David Price, “Big data shattered the paradigm where organizations would only use methods designed for a single relational database. They suddenly needed unstructured data analysis for big data, along with relational methods to find the proverbial needle in the haystack and a linked data approach to connect things and see how they relate.”

RECORDED: Metadata Management is Key to Data Governance Initiatives. In this webinar we outline the importance of and challenges to supporting effective metadata management. We demonstrate TopBraid EDG's capabilities for comprehensive metadata management– using semantic standards.

RECORDED: Reference Data Management in TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance. This webinar provides an overview and demo of the capabilities provided by the RDM package in TopBraid EDG. It highlights how RDM can be combined and connected with the governance of other assets within EDG.

UPCOMING: May 18, 11:30 a.m. EDT. Semantic Data Governance for GDPR Compliance. In this webinar we will outline and demonstrate the fastest way to become and stay GDPR compliant.

Webinar Info and Registration
NEW VIDEO: TOPBRAID EDG (in under two minutes)

Too often data governance solutions are limited in scope, can’t connect ALL of your data sources and are not as flexible as your business requires. They may also use a proprietary set of tools and approaches for capturing the meaning of data that, in effect, create yet another data silo.

Only TopQuadrant provides a new type of agile data governance solution that uses a non-proprietary, graph standards-based, model-driven approach to capturing and preserving the meaning of data.

Our latest short animated video showcases how our TopBraid EDG solution combines years of experience in the enterprise semantic information management space to provide the flexibility and extensibility needed for complete data governance.

Watch the Video Now

TopQuadrant is a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at the Data Governance & Information Quality Conference June 12-16, 2017, in San Diego, CA.


TopQuadrant is a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at the Data Governance Financial Services Conference October October 5-6, 2017, Jersey City, NJ.

Understanding, assessing and reporting compliance has become an urgent priority and challenge for many organizations. Our next newsletter will feature more details and materials available on some new and enhanced features of TopBraid EDG including support for GDPR compliance and, more generally, compliance knowledge graphs.

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