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Q1: Volume 2 | Issue 2
Join us for a FREE WEBCAST featuring Syngenta’s Lead Data Scientist: “Semantic Data Virtualization: Extracting More Value from Data Silos”
When: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 at 11:00am EDT

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New Case Studies Highlight Solutions for Semantic Data Virtualization and Semantic Content Enhancement


Case study Extracting Value From Data Silos describes how Syngenta created a virtual semantic data warehouse to link chemistry and biology data for innovation.


Case study Harnessing Semantic Metadata to Enhance Content Access shows how Mayo Clinic used TopBraid EVN to deliver intelligent results to end users.

TOPQUADRANT IN THE NEWS On May 29, 2014, the article RDF is Critical to a Successful Internet of Things by Irene Polikoff was published on Irene discusses the role of RDF-based technologies in creating a world of interconnectivity. Irene goes on to state that the greater potential of the Internet of Things will not be achieved without semantic web standards-based vocabularies and reference data that can be mapped and connected to meaningfully integrate information. On May 6, 2014, the article Data Virtualization Based on Semantic Web Technology by Robert Coyne was published on Robert discusses how to leverage a semantic data virtualization approach to address the growing challenges faced today by data scientists.

KMWorld: On May 20, 2014, KMWorld posted Partnering for unified access and discovery, which highlights TopQuadrant’s partnership announcement with Smartlogic.


In May, 2014, TopQuadrant and Smartlogic announced a partnership to integrate both parties’ capabilities for linking structured and unstructured data. This strategic alliance will include technology exchange, joint product development and sales collaboration to provide a semantically enabled unified information access solution to the enterprise.

Irene Polikoff, CEO, TopQuadrant states:

“Bringing together our respective complementary capabilities more closely fulfills the promise of meaningfully integrated information than any other solution existing today.”

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Semantic Data Virtualization: Extracting More Value from Data Silos
Today, most organizations face challenges to the meaningful use of their data as most critical information resides in multiple sources. Access is often limited by constraints imposed by outdated ways of storing, managing, and analyzing data. Join our webcast to learn about a new approach to data virtualization and federated query that uses semantic technology to present data from multiple sources as if it were in a single place.
When: Thursday, July 10th, 2014, 11:00AM EDT
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COME VISIT US AT: Semantic Technology & Business Conference 2014

TopQuadrant will be exhibiting at the upcoming Semantic Technology & Business 2014 conference on August 19 – 21 in San Jose, CA. Please visit us at booth #413.

Bob DuCharme will also present on “Semantic Web standards and the Variety 'V' of Big Data" at the co-located NoSQL Now! Conference. Bob will discuss how the W3C standards implemented by TopQuadrant technology make it easier to accommodate the diverse data structures that Gartner has identified as the most challenging aspect of Big Data projects. His presentation will be on Wednesday, August 20 at 10:15 AM.

New Features in TopBraid 4.5

Here is just a sampling of the many new features in the upcoming TopBraid Release 4.5:

  • TopBraid EVN: Easy charting of search results, dynamic selection and configuration of the trees for browsing any relationships such as has-part, support for SKOS-XL, better support for vocabulary governance, review and approval with the ability to promote subsets of working copy changes, a more flexible user interface allowing the user to add new windows for working with multiple forms, trees and other UI components, web-based application for creating customized forms.
  • TopBraid Platform: Support for JSON-LD, better handling of database connections and connection pooling, improved SDB performance, APIs for using audit trail and working copy features of Teamworks technology, increased support of the SPARQL UPDATE protocol by TopBraid SPARQL endpoints.
  • TopBraid Insight: Capture and display of the data provenance.
TopBraid Advanced Product Training

Join us in Raleigh, North Carolina from July 28-31, 2014 for in-depth training session. This training series is offered approximately four times a year at TopQuadrant's Raleigh, North Carolina office. Tailored onsite trainings are available to meet customer-specific needs and delivered at the customer's designated location.

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In March 2014, we presented “Connecting the Dots with Dynamically Linked Data from Diverse Sources” via live webcast. If you missed it, feel free to tune into the recorded version.


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