Release Notes

TopBraid 6.1


TopBraid EDG version 6.1 has enhancements to the user experience as well as performance and scalability improvements. New features such as tabular editor inline edit, moveable columns, and basket make EDG even more flexible and user friendly. Users will also see exciting improvements to the underlying SHACL and GraphQL technologies.


Key Improvements of 6.1:

  • Improved editing for Reference Datasets and Taxonomies
    • Reference Dataset Editor has been replaced to use new table and search components
    • Users can now switch to the tabular view when working with Taxonomies
  • Inline editing and moveable columns
    • Inline edit is available directly within the Collection’s table view. Also the columns can be rearranged once selected.
  • Support for dynamic inferencing – Inferences are not only displayed on forms, they are also available for SPARQL and GraphQL queries.
  • New forms option for viewing
    • SHACL/GraphQL based forms are faster and offer an option to switch viewpoints between different shapes/perspectives. Different roles can have different views. More enhancements building on this foundation are to come in upcoming releases.
  • General performance improvements, including:
    • Time to load forms for editing
    • Initial schema creation for tabular editors
    • Find code searching
    • The addition of searchable user selection dialogs
  • Scalability improvements
    • Simple search mode for large graphs in the tabular editor. This mode allows for better performance when working with very large graphs.
    • Option for managers of a collection to disable features that might impact the performance of large graphs. Found under Manage Tab.
  • Search the EDG simplification
    • Search the EDG manual configuration has been removed in favor of an automated process. Collections can be included in search upon creation or by selecting this option on the manage tab. Once added all properties are indexed for search as well as applicable facets. Customization of the results page can still be implemented with overrides.
  • Basket feature
    • Collections and Assets can be bookmarked in basket for quick access. More basket operations will become available in upcoming releases.
  • Customizable URI Construction Rules
    • Includes ability for Administrators to set URI generation templates for EDG application
  • New capabilities for Ontologies. You can now:
    • Specify complex paths when creating a shape
    • Plug in templated searches. URI-based lookups are pre-templated
    • Access node shapes that are not classes, without switching the class tree root
    • Use GraphQL queries

Licensing Model based on Concurrent Users:

  • License model change in response to requests from our customers for more flexibility in giving their users access to TopBraid EDG than what was possible under the named user licensing. The new concurrent users license model offers better alignment with how enterprise / data governance software is provided, deployed and used today. As an additional benefit, the new licensing model lets enterprises monitor their usage more precisely and ensures compliance with the license terms.
  • Existing customers will be contacted regarding a new license for 6.1 official release. Beta can be tested with current license for a single user.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Pre-built “Data Graph” asset collection for users of Custom Asset Collection Types module
  • New graph export option with includes and inferences
  • New Processes admin page for viewing and aborting certain long-running operations
  • SHACL and GraphQL enhancements. More details can be found in the 6.1 Change-log file

Technology Upgrades:

  • Text search in the tabular editors is now backed by a Lucene Index. With that, a new page to manage the indexes is available under Server Administration.
  • Update to Apache Jena 3.8.0

Deprecated Features:

  • Legacy Vocabulary Explorer has been removed.
  • The Custom Configuration Parameters feature (accessible from the Server Administration console) is scheduled for removal in upcoming releases. Customers are encouraged to store their custom config objects as Ontologies or similar graphs.
  • MarkLogic database connection in EDG will be removed in 6.2
  • Please see Change-log for more deprecated functions

Known Issues for Beta:

  • Changing Root Class in non-ontologies isn’t recognized
  • Memory Management page, Garbage Collection informational stripe doesn’t go away upon refresh
  • Document Link property for inline edit within the table isn’t working correctly
  • Uploading new workflow templates is blocked due to a violation</>

Detailed List of Changes:
Migration Checklist:
6.1 Migration


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