Release Notes: TopBraid 5.5

Release Notes: TopBraid 5.5

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TopBraid 5.4


TopBraid 5.5 focuses on improvements to existing features and incorporating customer feedback into
existing product capabilities.


TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN) and Enterprise Data Governance

  • The My Dashboards page allows users to see metrics dashboards for workflows, subject areas and
    asset collections in which the they participate. Needs enabled by an Administrator, additional dashboard pages can be scripted. Expanded capabilities, configuration and personalization will be available in upcoming releases.
  • The Constraint Violations Report is now interactive and has been renamed to Problems and
    Suggestions Report. Users can edit the flagged resources directly from the interactive report editor
    and download results.
  • The SPARQL endpoint GUI has been updated to use syntax highlighting, syntax checking,
    autocompletion for prefixes, autocompletion for variable names, export as Excel, chart creation
    from result sets.
  • Class diagram in the Ontology editor form is now displayed as 3 charts, 1 for inheritance and 2 for association levels
  • General improvements and cleanup:
    • Library updates
    • User Experience/User Interface enhancements
    • Custom workflow improvements
    • Performance increase in the UI
    • Spreadsheet import now lets users create relationships by matching on selected property values
    • LineageGram enhancements, including derivation maps
    • …please see change log for more

SHACL – new and improved SHACL-based capabilities available across

  • Added new constraint components in TopBraid/SHACL/strkind.shapes.ttl namespace. They allow
    users to check for adherence to common patterns such as e-mail addresses.
  • Replaced SKOS constraints previously implemented in SPIN with SHACL equivalents. Replaced “hard
    coded” SKOS forms with SHACL-based. This makes forms for SKOS concepts more easily
    configurable. Users can now not only add new fields, but also delete pre-configured SKOS properties
    if desired.
  • OWL-to- SHACL converter now also handles owl:intersectionOf (also in owl:equivalentClass)
  • Added suggestions generators based on sh:defaultValue (tosh namespace)
  • Added SHACL-based random triples generator. Available in TBC under Model -> Generate random
    triples … and in all TopBraid products using the SPARQLMotion module sml:GenerateRandomData.