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Release Notes: TopBraid 5.3

Detailed List of Changes:


TopBraid 5.3 offers many enhancements to the user interface of EDG and EVN. A home landing page has been added that launches the new customizable free text, faceted and semantic search and houses user personalization with “My Tasks”. The home page will be expanded in the future to offer additional customization and personalization. Currently, additional widgets can be added through our product extension points by a TopBraid developer. Other enhancements include:

  • Forms have also received a facelift of new styling and convenient inline editing.
  • EDG and EVN now integrate with Jira issue tracker so that teams can coordinate and track changes to their models through existing tools.
  • 5.3 introduces a new TopBraid Explorer that supports all EDG assets. Many improvements have been made to utilize the EDG/EVN user interface with all of the search capabilities. The new TopBraid Explorer will be ideal for read only users who need a limited view of the content in a controlled manner. The legacy EVN Explorer is still available in this release.
  • 5.3 also provides a technology upgrade with an upgrade to Apache Jena 3.1.1, Eclipse 4.6 Neon

Recent previous releases

TopBraid 5.2


All Products

  • Support for the latest working group draft of upcoming SHACL W3C Standard, used to represent data models, data quality rules and form definitions, including experimental SHACL-JavaScript support
  • Technology upgrade – Support for Apache Jena 3.1.1
  • New or extended SPARQL functions and SPARQLMotion modules and miscellaneous improvements to SPIN, SWP, SPARQLMotion and SPARQL functions
  • A new search, launched from the home page, can be customized by Administrators to perform free text and faceted search over content they have selected. The results from the search can also be customized to display the content and style best suited for your needs. Configurable Semantic search is also included to suggest results that have related object properties.
  • Integration with Jira issue tracker
  • Support for using a combined LDAP realm with failover, allowing for multiple domains
  • Added industry/product classification to EDG Reference Dataset project examples

TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN) and Enterprise Data Governance (EDG)

TopBraid 5.3.1 Introduces Document Corpora feature for Tagger and Auto Classifier

Document Corpora
  • TopBraid 5.3.1 introduces the Document Corpora feature for Tagger and Auto Classifier
  • Corpora are collections of text content with associated metadata. Imported from external sources (such as content management systems or web sites), they provide the foundation for manual or automated tagging and annotation with Content Tag Sets.
  • Corpora can be configured to connect to an external source. EDG or EVN will then harvest content from that external source and store it. Harvesting can be repeated later on, and changes to the external source will be picked up.
  • TopBraid 5.3.1 comes with two connectors: “sitemap.xml” and “URL list”.
  • A feature to allow creation of new import plugins that can perform custom validation/transformation
  • New import option for EDG Data Assets and Datatypes Collections: “Import From JDBC Connection” to extract RDBMS schemas
  • “Import RDF file” page now also supports JSON-LD format
  • New import option for Crosswalks: “Import Crosswalks from spreadsheet”
User Interface
  • Overall user experience design and functionality improvements. Including better usability for forms and performing searches.
  • Default columns in the editor applications can be saved and displayed without having to perform a search. Ontology editor’s search form has a button to save a default search which will then be used as the default column layout by all asset collections (graphs) that include that Ontology.
  • LineageGram – A new visualization to display technical and business lineage
  • NeighborGram™ now shows incoming properties, as well as allowing for a placement constraint on properties.
  • Search form and faceted search now have an option to return local resources only
  • Set up of Reference Datasets now includes the option to declare a primary key locally for the dataset
  • Constraint validation reports now include deep links into the focus nodes of a violation

TopBraid Composer (TBC)

  • JavaScript view for executing JS scripts against the currently open RDF model
  • Experimental full syntax highlighting for SWP snippets
  • Support for Eclipse Neon
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