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Release Notes: TopBraid 4.5

Detailed List of Changes:

Release Plan and Objectives

TopBraid 4.5 significantly improves the configurability and collaboration features of TopBraid EVN and introduces SKOS-XL support. This release also offers incremental improvements to TopBraid Insight, TopBraid Composer and TopBraid application development technologies – SPIN, SPARQLMotion, SPARQL Web Pages (SWP) and SPARQL Web Pages Application Components (SWA).
Key platform enhancements delivered in the 4.5 release focus on performance and enterprise readiness features of the platform.

Recent previous releases

TopBraid 4.4.x

Key Improvements of 4.5

TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN)

  • Improved configurability
    • Web editor for forms configuration
    • Custom trees – any relationship, configurable icons
    • Dynamic multi-window displays – users can open multiple (view) forms, tree and chart windows and resize them.
    • Ease of configuration for create-dialogs to implement URI policies and perform any housekeeping items on create actions
  • Collaborative workflow both within the vocabulary development team and across the communities of interest
    • Publishing to EVN Vocabulary Explorer server for the community to view and comment
    • Comments from the community are sent to the editorial/ governance team
  • Additional workflow for promoting changes
    • Promotion of selective changes from a working copy
  • Enhanced audit trails
    • Capture of changes resulting from the import of files
    • Capture of comments made on save
  • Improved search form in EVN
    • Enables search on cardinalities, regular expressions, aggregates in the search (counts)
    • Charting of results

    TopBraid Insight (TBI)

    • Provenance of retrieved information (i.e. which data source each item of information came from) can now be displayed
      • this display can be toggled on or off (Note: TBI federates queries over disparate data sources and dynamically brings back the merged information; provenance shows where each value came from)
    • TBI takes advantage of all platform improvements
      • More options on the search form including charts
      • Better ability to customize icons and forms
      • Faster displays

    TopBraid Platform Features available for all products

    • Performance
      • Faster database writes with concurrency
      • Faster form displays
    • Enterprise readiness
      • Better handling of database connections
      • Hot failover configuration
      • Improved cache management including selective caching of functions
      • Better error messages
    • Support of UPDATE protocol for SPARQL Endpoint
    • Support for JSON-LD
    • Teamwork APIs
      • Use of working copies and audit rails programmatically
    • Many SPIN, SPARQLMotion, SWP and SWA improvements
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