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Reference Data Management (EDG-RDM) provides end users with flexible capabilities to profile, govern, update and provision reference datasets, and supports comprehensive metadata to document the meaning (semantics) of reference data.

Lower Risk

Provide auditability, provenance, and security of reference data

Decrease Costs

Minimize chances of costly errors associated with manual, ad hoc processes and misinterpretation

Increased Quality and Organization

Better categorization and organization of data in reporting and analytics by providing a place for report writers to go to better understand the meaning of reference data and how it is used across the different systems

Reference Data Management Resources

Product Video
Creating a Crosswalk in TopBraid EDG
This video demonstrates creating a crosswalk and adding mappings using both manual and automated techniques.
Business Glossaries
Reference Data Management
Product Video
Creating a Reference Dataset in TopBraid EDG
This video describes how to create, load, and connect Reference Datasets in TopBraid EDG.
Reference Data Management
Product Video
Setting Up EDG Enumerations
This video demonstrates how TopBraid EDG administrators can set up and configure EDG Enumerations – controlled vocabularies used in TopBraid EDG.
Reference Data Management
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