A Note from TopQuadrant’s CEO, Irene Polikoff

While the term Knowledge Graph may have become the buzzword of 2020, it is certainly nothing new to us. TopQuadrant has been working with the Knowledge Graphs since our inception. The biggest change is that these days we are spending more time discussing them.

Increasingly, graphs are seen as an excellent choice for working with data and metadata. Flexibility is one strong driver – heterogeneous data, integrating new data sources, analytics, and metadata management all require flexibility and evolvability.

Knowledge Graphs support the move to Data Centric systems and architectures:

  • By offering robust capabilities that support flexibility and evolvability
  • e.g., Knowledge Graphs capture not only data, but the meaning or semantics of data,  including rich constraints and highly expressive rules
  • In the past, implementations of Knowledge Graphs were considered to be more academic or “researchy” than Property Graphs, but this has changed with products like TopBraid EDG. Today, Knowledge Graph solutions are delivering key capabilities to a rapidly growing number of organizations.

Be sure to join us for this week’s webinar in which we will go into a detailed discussion on the two most widely used graph data models today – Property Graphs vs. RDF Knowledge Graphs.

TopBraid EDG – Enterprise Knowledge Graphs for Data Governance

TopBraid EDG Release 6.4 is Here!

Release 6.4 of TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance completes transition to the new user experience delivered in 6.3.

New Editor Application Features

  • Two new Associations panels for all data.
  • The new Map Explorer panel to display results of searches and queries that have geo location information.
  • For Ontologies, a new option to Derive property shapes from instances and a simpler, one-click creation of inverses.
  • Support for parametrized SPARQL queries. Once saved, users can run these from the SPARQL Query Library panel. A dialog will let them enter required parameters.
  • Additional configuration options to set asset and property values visibility.


  • Users can now formulate GeoSPARQL queries.

Collaboration Improvements

  • Ability to Endorse assets and see Endorsements made by others.
  • Users can now create Announcements in the Governance collection with start and expiration dates. These will be displayed on the home page.
  • User avatars and user contact information.
  • Configurability of the home page.

Other Improvements and New Features

  • Enhancement to RDF* Support.
  • New Import Options for Cataloging Datasets.
  • Support for Document Attachments.
  • Scheduling of exports to Amazon S3.
  • New scripting features with Active Data Shapes (ADS) scripts. Read our recent BLOG about how this lets you use JavaScript to extend and customize TopBraid EDG.

For a complete list of new and enhanced capabilities see:  TopBraid 6.4 Release Notes

New Customers and Media Mentions!



New Customers

A Government office that protects natural resources and heritage selected TopBraid EDG — Reference Data Management, Metadata Management and Vocabulary Management to create a centralized nation-wide data environment.

A world leader in measuring social outcomes, advising governments, foundations, and corporations on how to measure, predict and improve the return on social impact selected TopBraid EDG – Vocabulary Management to manage Taxonomies and Ontologies.

SURROUND Australia, a technology company that develops advanced software system solutions and is a consulting services partner for TopQuadrant selected TopBraid EDG with all packages and add-on modules for the company’s new branch in New Zealand.

A US-based organization that provides network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps in the United States selected TopBraid EDG – Vocabulary Management package and TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier. They are using its capabilities to enhance content discovery with the use of a semantic network to accelerate building Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs about their clinical content to help with solving discovery issues.



Media Mentions

KMWorld Article: July 8, 2020, The centerpiece of data governance: Making information quality pay off. In this article from KMWorld TopQuadrant’s CEO, Irene Polikoff, discusses how organizations can leverage information quality rules with SHACL as part of their Knowledge Graph .

AI Time Journal Article: June 12, 2020, The Many Shades of Knowledge Graphs: Let Me Count the Ways. In this article from AI Time Journal TopQuadrant’s CEO, Irene Polikoff; CTO, Ralph Hodgson; and CMO, Robert Coyne discuss the emphasis on Knowledge Graphs in the resurgence of statistical AI.


UPCOMING: August 13, 2020 at 11:30 AM ET: Knowledge Graphs vs. Property Graphs — A Brief Overview and ComparisonThis webinar will discuss these two types of graph data models, the strengths and limitations of each and why knowledge graphs are a strong foundation for enterprise data governance and metadata management.

UPCOMING: October 15, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET: Using Tools to Advance Your Data Governance Program. TopQuadrant is sponsoring this Dataversity-led webinar which will discuss the need for tools to advance your data governance program.

RECORDED: What is New in TopBraid EDG 6.4? This webinar explores enhancements and new features in the recent 6.4 release (See sidebar above for more on 6.4)

RECORDED: How can Data Cataloging Integrate Key Viewpoints using Knowledge Graphs? This webinar explores why connecting different aspects and artifacts describing enterprise data sources is important for data governance, and how doing this helps in delivering integrated business and technical viewpoints.


We recently completed our first post 6.4 customer user group meeting. This customer is a multinational Pharma and Life Sciences company that has deployed and is extending TopBraid EDG based solutions across three departments to support several teams with multiple use cases. Given the success of this virtual event, we would like to extend this type of experience to all users of TopBraid EDG and offer a virtual user group meeting on October 1, 2020.

Tentative Agenda

October 1, 2020, 11:00 am EDT – 12:30 pm EDT

Topics will include:

  • Release Planning Process – how we decide on the new features and how you can contribute and influence these decisions
  • Deep Dive into Data Import Options – in this educational session, we will focus on answering some of the most commonly asked questions about loading data into EDG

Questions or Comments?
Please email us at edg-users@topquadrant.com.
We will send out additional information in the coming weeks.



Fall 2020  



TopQuadrant is partnering with DATAVERSITY to do a separate webinar on Knowledge Graphs vs. Property Graphs on September 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET. As the date gets closer we will be sending out details on how to join. Stay tuned…


Our next newsletter will feature a preview of TopBraid 7.0 including new features and functions across all packages. 


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