A Note from TopQuadrant’s CEO, Irene Polikoff

As the term Data Governance is becoming ubiquitous it is important not to lose sight of the fact that ALL types of data require governance. TopQuadrant’s comprehensive data governance solution, TopBraid EDG, with its standards-based knowledge graph foundation, can manage the entire range of enterprise information assets and the cross-connections between them.

It has been long known that up to 80% of enterprise information is unstructured—it is information or ‘data’ in the form of presentation files, emails and documents.

Not only does unstructured data represent a large proportion of enterprise data today, it is also often growing faster than structured data. Enterprises are struggling to locate relevant information in their unstructured data sources and to connect structured data and unstructured content. Enriching and categorizing content using terms from curated, controlled vocabularies, makes it more findable. It also creates a foundation for linking structured and unstructured sources based on the common terms. Given the large amounts of unstructured data, this processing should be as automated as possible.

TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier, a capability available as an additional module for TopBraid EDG, connects to content sources, crawls them and using state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) automatically assigns most relevant tags preparing data for further enrichment of content based on rules.

TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier takes advantage of controlled vocabularies and integrates human expertise into processing in order to rapidly refine training sets and initial tag suggestions. The resulting body of knowledge can be accessed through a built-in search engine or made available to external search engines.

For more details, check out our recent webinar Guided ML: Intelligent Autoclassification of Content Using Managed Vocabularies, and two new videos in our Quick Grok collection, also covered in this issue.

New White Paper! 

Implementing Data Governance with Knowledge Graphs to Enable Enterprise AI

Are You Considering How AI May Help Your Information Management?

Then you will want to learn about the synergistic relationship between Data Governance, Knowledge Graphs, and enterprise applications of AI and Machine Learning (ML).

Knowledge Graphs address key challenges of Data Governance. It is becoming widely accepted that Knowledge Graphs are also excellent at guiding and focusing ML and at serving as a unifying fabric for different AI algorithms.  How?

A knowledge graph is self-descriptive, or, simply put, it captures the data as well as its meaning or semantics. As a result, computers can reason — derive additional implicit information from the explicitly stated information.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and Cognitive Computing are umbrella terms for a wide set of algorithms, technologies, and approaches that make software seem ‘smart’. Such algorithms can discern patterns in data so that when new data comes in, they can apply patterns to make conclusions about new data.

This white paper explores how Knowledge Graphs provide a strategic foundation for both Data Governance and for enabling enterprise AI in a virtuous cycle.

 Other key takeaways include:

  • Learn about fundamental technology concepts in AI including different sub types of AI and how they can work together
  • Understand how to separate hype from reality
  • Discover what Knowledge Graphs are and see examples of how they provide a powerful platform for:

— Integrated Data Governance
— Enterprise use of AI/ML

For more on this topic,  we invite you to download the full white paper!

New Customers, Media Mentions and Speaking Updates!

New Customers

A global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals progress science, advance healthcare and improve performance, selected TopBraid EDG-Vocabulary Management to automate vocabulary alignment for search enhancement, to integrate internal and external vocabularies, and merge existing and new vocabularies.  

A global conglomerate that uses science and innovation to make the world a better place selected all packages of TopBraid EDG as well as numerous licenses of TopBraid Explorer to support their enterprise data governance initiatives based on a knowledge graph enabled infrastructure.

A multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company selected TopBraid EDG – Vocabulary Management, Data Graphs add-on module, and TopBraid Explorer to support several solutions that require comprehensive terminology management and data curation.

Media Mentions

Forbes Article: July 18, 2019, Graph Databases Go Mainstream, Kurt Cagle highlights TopQuadrant’s solution as “innovative in this space with their work on SHACL (a data schema language). They also tend to have broader data governance strategies that make them good products for implementing traditional semantics at an enterprise level.”

KM World Article: May 8, 2019, Business Intelligence Tomorrow…and What it Means for Today, Jelani Harper interviews Irene Polikoff and Robert Coyne.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Enterprise Search & Discovery, November 5-7, 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Graphorum, October 14-17, 2019 in Chicago, IL



RECORDED: Guided ML: Intelligent Autoclassification of Content Using Managed Vocabularies. This webinar addresses various scenarios of Autoclassification including unstructured content in the enterprise, tagging and semantic search. It shows how TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) to automatically assign most relevant tags and to further enrich the content.

RECORDED: “What are Knowledge Graphs? Why Are They Key to Successful Data Governance?”. This webinar discusses knowledge graphs and how they provide a powerful platform for integrated data management and governance.

RECORDED: “Navigating Data Lineage and its Impact with Interactive Visualization Maps”. This webinar presents data lineage use cases and shows capabilities that support lineage models and their effective visualization.

RECORDED: “TopBraid GraphQL: Bringing the Worlds of JSON and RDF Together”. For this webinar, we introduced the new GraphQL capabilities of TopBraid 6.0. GraphQL was designed by Facebook as an easy-to-use syntax for querying and updating data


Our Quick Grok video series continues to be quite popular. The videos provide short, practical “how to” demos’ of EDG capabilities including specific features from each of the EDG packages.  Recently added videos include:

Using the TopBraid EDG Corpora Asset Collection for Autoclassification

This video shows how users can use the Corpora asset collection to enable TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG) to index text documents.  Corpora supports connecting to different sources for reading the documents.  The video highlights the Amazon S3 connector and the CMIS connector, a specific connector for Content Management Systems.

Using TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier to Enrich Unstructured Content  

This video highlights how to use Content tag sets and the capabilities of the Tagger & AutoClassifier module within TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG) to execute autoclassification.  Autoclassification uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to suggest which tags from a controlled vocabulary are best suited to describe your text documents.

October 14 – 17



TopQuadrant is a sponsor, exhibitor and is presenting a conference talk and tutorial at the Graphorum in Chicago, IL, October 14-17, 2019.

December 9 – 12



TopQuadrant is a sponsor and exhibitor at the DGVision in Washington, D.C., December 9-12, 2019.


Our next newsletter will feature highlights of the new and enhanced features of the upcoming Release 6.3 of TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG).


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