What is New in TopBraid EDG 7.1?

TopBraid EDG 7.1 is currently available for beta testing. This new release unveils a number of new exciting features which we will preview, including:

  • Enhanced visualization capabilities
  • New Sharepoint integration
  • Improved performance

The highlight of this release is a new visualization component designed to significantly enhance users ability to review models, understand data and collaborate with colleagues. It is delivered as a new “EDG Diagram” panel that:

  • Combines display of the model elements (e.g., classes) with the display of data
  • Offers fully configurable selection of content to include in the diagram
  • Includes ability to modify and configure layout and display options
  • Supports saving and sharing named diagrams i.e., diagrams as “first class citizen”

This release includes new integrations as well as several usability, functional and non-functional improvements.

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