What is New in TopBraid EDG 6.4?

TopBraid EDG version 6.4 completes the delivery to users of an intuitive, powerful, and flexible UI for data governance and knowledge graph management tasks and collaboration. Furthermore, TopBraid EDG 6.4 offers a number of new capabilities making it easier to Import and Catalog data, to Generate Reports, to Collaborative and Personalize Users Views.

In this webinar we will explore these new enhancements as well as several additional features including:

  • Additional ways to bootstrap the creation of ontologies
  • Support for ordered lists
  • New Associations panels
  • Parametrized SPARQL queries
  • New Map Explorer panel
  • GeoSPARQL queries
  • Support for Announcements
  • Other new display features and configurability of the Home page
  • Support for users’ avatars and contact information
  • And more…

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