What is New in TopBraid EDG 6.3?



TopBraid EDG version 6.3 delivers a new user experience for editing and viewing knowledge graphs. It features a significantly enhanced user experience with the UI looking sleeker and the user experience more enjoyable. In particular, this change simplifies and streamlines the creation of ontology models. In the webinar, we show some of these key improvements including how users can now customize and personalize page layouts and get easier access to different features all within a flexible single page. In addition to the enhanced experience for viewing and editing, users of EDG 6.3 are able to:

  • Annotate facts with additional statements
  • Version a group of asset collections in one step
  • Seamlessly schedule repeated import and profiling of data sources
  • Use GraphQL to read and update:
    • Ontologies
    • Teamworks graphs that contain change history and workflow information
  • Create a new asset collection from any place in the user interface

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