Applied Data Governance Part 3 – A Day in the Life of a Reference Data Steward

This webinar is the third in our series spotlighting Applied Data Governance. In Part 3, we transition to a day in the life of a Reference Data Steward responsible for Reference Data Management (RDM). In this role, he manages the use of reference data originating within the enterprise as well as reference datasets maintained externally by organizations responsible for industry standards. We will describe and demonstrate the benefits of managing reference data as part of a larger data governance initiative. Using TopBraid EDG, TopQuadrant’s data governance platform, the Reference Data Steward will bring internal reference data under governance and manage the activity of updating the enterprise’s existing use of an external industry standard reference dataset. In the demo you will see:

  • Automated modeling and import of new reference data for centralized management and distribution
  • Enrichment of new reference data with linkage to an existing internal reference dataset
  • Automated crosswalking of local codes to the standard enterprise codes for a given entity
  • Distribution of reference data for use by existing enterprise applications
  • Upgrading to a new release of a public reference dataset from an external source

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