TopQuadrant, Findwise and TietoEVRY Present: A New Way to do Data Governance

In this webinar, TopQuadrant joined with TietoEVRY and Findwise to show how data governance combined with modern search can speed up digitalization, by providing a management structure, processes, and the curation of key assets such as enterprise taxonomies, reference data and authority lists to be used in categorizing information. It covers the following:


  • Ritva Aula, TietoEVRY, explains the motivation for and the basics of data governance, starting from the pain points of poor data management, and helps us understand the importance of both good tools and holistic strategy.
  • Jesse Lambert, TopQuadrant, provides a demo of a comprehensive tool for data governance based on standards-based knowledge graph technology, highlighting its collaborative capabilities for cataloging, connecting, and curating data and metadata.
  • Fredric Landqvist, Findwise, describes the power of combining data governance, with search and Findability.

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