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TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier™ brings structure to unstructured data. It assigns relevant vocabulary concepts as tags for content resources, thereby improving search, navigation and the lifecycle management of content.

Users can tag (assign metadata to) content through a visual user interface that displays the context for both the content and the vocabulary. They can also run Tagger's auto-classification capability to automatically assign relevant tags to content and review the results.

  • Up to 80% of enterprise information is unstructured—it is information or 'data' in the form of presentation files, emails and documents. Not only does unstructured data represent a large proportion of enterprise data today, it is also growing faster than structured data. Enterprises are struggling to integrate unstructured and structured data within their existing information systems. The two are often seen as apples and oranges when it comes to analytics and decision making. One of the keys to solving this problem is to bring some structure to unstructured data.

    Unstructured data should be actively classified or categorized. In order to do that, it should be easy for users to add metadata based on curated, controlled vocabularies. And, as much as possible, such metadata should be added automatically. This is the value delivered by TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier.

    The output of Tagger and AutoClassifier is a set of metadata properties that establish named relationships between the content and specific terms in the vocabulary, and vice-versa. For example, a resource representing a news story might be linked to the vocabulary terms of Election and Weather through a property such as “has subject,” indicating that the news story covers topics of Election and Weather.

    These relationships—or tags—can be used to enrich user searching and browsing and to integrate with and enrich other applications by managing metadata in the form of concept-to-vocabulary relationships. The role of TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier is to make it easy to create and manage these relationships. Tests have shown that Tagger's auto-classification capability delivers tagging results that are as consistent and accurate as those created by content indexing experts.

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