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Business GlossariesProvides a simple data governance starting place or add-on for the specification of business terms and for establishing connections to where these terms are used or referenced by other business or technical assets.
Reference Data ManagementMakes it easy to bring consistency and accuracy to the use of reference data across enterprise applications. It gives end users flexible capabilities to profile, govern, update and provision reference datasets, and supports comprehensive metadata to document the meaning (semantics) of reference data.
Vocabulary ManagementAllows organizations create, connect and use taxonomies (vocabularies that are based on SKOS, the W3C standard for managing taxonomies and thesauruses) and ontologies (non SKOS-based vocabularies. Some may contain schema-level information only—that is, definitions of classes and properties. Others may also contain instances of classes.)
Metadata ManagementLets organizations govern technical metadata – information about their databases, datasets, logical and physical data models and other data assets. When combined with the Business Glossaries package, this provides capability to map key data elements to business terms. When combined with the Reference Data package, this provides capability to specify permissible data values as reference data.
Governance AssetsIncludes all of the capabilities of the Basic Metadata Management package. Additionally, it lets organizations govern information about their business applications, infrastructure, business capabilities and processes. This package also includes the ability to define and trace data lineage as it flows between applications.

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