December 4, 2019 @11:30 am ET


TopBraid EDG version 6.3 delivers a new user experience for editing and viewing knowledge graphs. We are excited about delivering a significantly enhanced user experience and believe you will find the UI looking sleeker and the experience more enjoyable!

Users will now be able to customize and personalize page layouts and get easier access to different features all within a flexible single page. In particular, this change simplifies and streamlines creation of ontology models


Further, with the release of 6.3, users of EDG will be able to:
  • Annotate facts with additional statements. This can, for example, support capturing a provenance of a business term definition or an effective date for any value. Annotations can be made for any property value – relationship or attribute.
  • Version a group of asset collections in one step.
  • Seamlessly schedule repeated import and profiling of data sources.
  • Use GraphQL to read and update ontologies (previously only non ontology asset collections were supported) and teamworks graphs that contain change history and workflow information.
  • Create a new asset collection from any place in the user interface.
In this webinar we will:
  • Describe new features and enhancements designed to help you get more value from your TopBraid EDG investment
  • Do a live demonstration of key new capabilities and changes
  • Answer questions about best practices

Who Should Attend:

  • Current users of TopBraid EDG
  • Anyone considering vocabulary, reference data or metadata management solution
  • Anyone considering a knowledge graph approach to information management
The webinar content will span end user capabilities as well as some of the more technical capabilities, making it appropriate for a broad range of information stakeholders.  We will also cover other new features that  expand TopBraid EDG’s role as the ultimate environment for enterprise knowledge graph development and use.

In this webinar we will demonstrate many advantages that the new Editors have over previous versions, including:

  • right click menus
  • drag and drop throughout the UI
  • ability to see two or more assets side by side
  • click through from the SPARQL query results to editable forms
  • a new asset list panel that lets users build sharable lists
  • improved source code editor
  • a new robust batch edit wizard and more.

About the Presenters:

Irene Polikoff

Irene Polikoff has more than two decades of experience in software development, management, consulting and strategic planning. Since co-founding TopQuadrant in 2001 Irene has been involved in more than a dozen projects in government and commercial sectors. She has written strategy papers, trained customers on the use of the Semantic Web standards, developed ontology models, designed solution architectures and defined deployment processes and guidance.