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Live Webinar

February 21, 2019 @ 11:30 am ET

What are Knowledge Graphs? Why are they Key to Successful Data Governance?

Why are knowledge graphs relevant to data governance? The answer lies in key characteristics. Knowledge graphs are:

  • Flexible – graphs are the most flexible formal data structures
  • Evolvable – able to accommodate diverse data and metadata
  • Semantic – the meaning of the data is stored alongside the data in the graph
  • Intelligent – semantics of data are explicit and enable data validation and drawing conclusions and new information from the available data

These qualities make knowledge graphs an ideal and, arguably, the only viable foundation for bridging and connecting enterprise metadata silos – the main goal of data governance.

In this webinar we will discuss the following:

  • Provide a brief history of Knowledge Graphs
  • Give examples of what they are good for
  • Show how they provide a powerful platform for integrated data management and governance
NeighborGram: FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology)
Example of a visualization of a snippet of a knowledge graph in TopBraid EDG – FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology). Click image for expanded view

Who Should Attend: Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Data Architects, Chief Data Officers and Chief Information Officers, Data Governance Project and Program Managers, Data Stewards, Data Quality Managers, IT Implementers, Business Intelligence Program Managers and Data Warehousing Program Managers.

More on the Presenters:

Irene Polikoff

Irene Polikoff has more than two decades of experience in software development, management, consulting and strategic planning. Since co-founding TopQuadrant in 2001 Irene has been involved in more than a dozen projects in government and commercial sectors. She has written strategy papers, trained customers on the use of the Semantic Web standards, developed ontology models, designed solution architectures and defined deployment processes and guidance.

Robert Coyne

Dr. Coyne has over 25 years’ experience in system design and IT with complementary experience in business, consulting, academia and research. As CMO, Robert leads TopQuadrant’s marketing and public relations initiatives centered on its TopBraid business solutions and semantic solutions platform. At TopQuadrant he has served in multiple roles from COO to account manager for key customers and consults with clients on knowledge-based solutions, the semantic web, semantic technology trainings and solution envisioning.


Irene Polikoff

CEO and Co-founder of TopQuadrant, Irene will provide an introduction to knowledge graphs and explain how to define different types of subgraphs based on the type of information they contain.  She will demo how TopBraid can support any type of knowledge graph, connect data and discover and infer new information based on the available facts.

Robert Coyne

CMO and Co-founder of TopQuadrant, Robert will discuss the importance of knowledge graphs and why such connectivity and inference capabilities are important for data governance.

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