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TopQuadrant has produced a number of videos to help guide and inform you


Importing Spreadsheet Data into TopBraid EDG using Active Data Shapes

Using the TopBraid EDG Corpora Asset Collection for Autoclassification

Using TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier to Enrich Unstructured Content

Using TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier to Support Faceted Search over Distributed Content

Advanced Techniques for Taxonomy Editing

Advanced Search within Taxonomies

Customizing taxonomy through extending SKOS

SKOS XL Taxonomies in TopBraid EDG

Creating a Crosswalk between Taxonomies

Working with Modular Taxonomies

Overview of Ontology Modeling options with TopBraid EDG

Importing Hierarchies TopBraid EDG Vocabulary Management

Creating a Taxonomy

Creating a Reference Dataset in TopBraid EDG

Setting Up EDG Pre-built Enumerations in TopBraid EDG

Searching within an Asset Collection (Using Glossary as an example)

Creating a Glossary in TopBraid EDG

Introduction to Change Management Workflows in TopBraid EDG

Configuring Asset Information in TopBraid EDG

Search the EDG – Finding Information in TopBraid EDG

Advanced Tutorial: Creating an XML Import Web Service for TopBraid EDG

Data Graphs – Managing Data based upon Customer Ontologies

Importing Tabular Data from Spreadsheets

Tour of the Asset Collections’ Tabs

What can I do with Asset Information? Option Buttons on Resource Forms

Data Validation – Quality Assurance in TopBraid EDG

Adding and Editing Information-Resource Forms in TopBraid EDG

Using Tasks in TopBraid EDG

Navigating in TopBraid EDG

EDG Server Installation, Setup and Config

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