FAQ – TopBraid Solutions

FAQ – TopBraid Business Solutions

[expand title=”What are TopQuadrant Business Solutions?”]

TopQuadrant Business Solutions are a combination of TopQuadrant products, professional services and architectural patterns designed to address specific business needs. Examples include (i) improving search to monetize content, (ii) reducing time and cost in discovering new pharmaceuticals, or (iii) assisting in compliance and reporting. A common characteristic of all TopBraid Solutions is that they incrementally transform enterprise information infrastructure into a semantic ecosystem.


[expand title=”What business benefits do TopQuadrant Business Solutions offer?”]

TopQuadrant’s Business Solutions integrate your data quicker, better and less expensively than comparable traditional solutions. To understand how, you will want to learn how TopQuadrant Solutions – ‘evolve’ and ‘interoperate.’ You should also explore how ‘standards’ and ‘semantics’ make this happen.

‘Evolve instead of ‘rip and replace’: TopQuadrant Solutions allow you to ‘evolve’ to future data management ecosystem without ‘rip and replace.’ Along with the concern about not deriving full value from your disparate data, aren’t you concerned about the constant sales barrage of ‘rip and replace’ solutions? If you only replaced what you had with this or that solution, you would solve your problems. TopQuadrant’s Solutions don’t require ‘rip and replace,’ instead they evolve with your current data architecture, IT infrastructure and budget to make your data more valuable TODAY.

‘Interoperate instead of proprietary’: TopQuadrant Solutions ‘interoperate’ with other systems to provide a relatively seamless progression to next generation solutions. Are you using RDBMS for your data store and now want to move to a new analytics platform or store data in XML or need to use third party data sources? TopQuadrant Solutions allow this to happen seamlessly because they interoperate with your older data architecture and your next generation applications and data architecture TODAY.

TopBraid Solutions pave a way to a modern information infrastructure. We call this new infrastructure a semantic ecosystem because it relies on providing clear definitions or semantics to the data as a way to facilitate its connectivity.

Finally, ‘standards.’ You know that all electric appliances in your country work with the existing electrical outlets because they are all standardized. Your IT team tells you about the importance of standards – and here, with TopQuadrant Solutions you have a very good example of how ‘standards’ can save you time and money with better results by helping you evolve from older data architectures to next generation data architecture. TopQuadrant Solutions are natively based on W3C semantic web standards. These standards, designed to facilitate data merging even if their schemas differ and to support the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed, are vetted, publicized and readily available and in wide use TODAY.


[expand title=”How are TopQuadrant’s customers using TopQuadrant Business Solutions?”]

Customers are using TopQuadrant Business Solutions across industries anywhere rapid data integration, flexible reporting, self-service and smarter information access are needed to help run a business efficiently. TopQuadrant Solutions use semantic ecosystem technology to bring bottom line benefit and a new level of competitive capability. Some specific solution areas include:

• Digital content: Integrating metadata from an organization’s websites in order to improve searchability. The organization thus realizes greater value by either creating more content products and selling them or possibly reducing the amount of time needed to find relevant, business essential information. This use case applies to both internal and external use of web based content.

• Pharmaceuticals: Accessing in real time new and varied data sources to accelerate decision making. Life Sciences companies save time by quickly discovering if a given approach, chemical, combination of chemicals or products will deliver the results intended. Organizations can quickly avoid ‘dead-ends’ and reduce overall costs. By combining TopQuadrant technology with internal and external data sources in real time, the organization can get insights into their information faster, cheaper and with greater flexibility than using a conventional data warehouse.

• Compliance and reporting: transforming and integrating multiple reports in various formats or schemas to comply with third party reporting requirements. The organization thus realizes greater value by preserving or changing at its own pace, its existing reporting tools and processes while still meeting changing compliance requirements.


[expand title=”How can I get started with TopQuadrant Business Solutions?”]

The majority of our customers utilize Jumpstart Program as a way to get started. For more information about this program, contact us at sales@topquadrant.com


[expand title=”Do I have to contract for training or professional services to implement TopBraid Business Solutions?”]

TopBraid Solutions can be implemented to deliver value to your organization with minimal involvement from TopQuadrant. While TopQuadrant can offer comprehensive solution implementation services, it will also work with an organization’s existing internal IT staff or external IT integrator to meet business goals. We offer training to all interested parties and are very comfortable working as outside semantic technology experts or assisting in developing ontologies for a customer using TopBraid Products to solve a business problem. For more information about how we can work with you or your integrator, contact us at sales@topquadrant.com


[expand title=”My organization has a different use case for a TopBraid Business Solution, how can we determine if the TopBraid Business Solution applies? “]

TopQuadrant Solutions can apply to many business use cases. We have started in the areas, such as digital media, energy, pharmaceuticals and compliance, where there was an obvious need and customers realized value quickly. Semantic web technology and the TopBraid Platform apply horizontally to existing IT technology architectures and meet many business needs for organizations. For a discussion about how we can apply TopBraid Solutions in your unique business situation, contact us at sales@topquadrant.com or fill out the form on the Get Started page.