Data Governance for the Connected Enterprise: TopBraid EDG in Action

This webinar shows how TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) enables a comprehensive but incremental approach to collaborative data governance. It uses knowledge graph technologies to support the diversity and rate of change that define today’s complex data ecosystems. Capabilities in TopBraid EDG that let you create and connect assets of any type are demonstrated.

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Deep Dives into TopBraid EVN — Part 3: Capabilities for Managing Change

Many organizations today are managing business vocabularies to ensure optimal re-use, delivery, and navigation of information. But once vocabularies are created, how are changes to them safely managed? This short webinar showcases how TopBraid EVN provides multiple capabilities for safely managing changes to vocabularies.

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Deep Dives into TopBraid EVN — Part 2: Collaborative Ontology Management

Enterprises are increasingly using ontologies to help applications and data interoperate. Effective ontologies build connections between different business domains. They capture business and technical knowledge. They are rich and flexible, yet precise in their meaning. This webinar demonstrates capabilities that TopBraid EVN provides stakeholders for creating, governing and managing ontoligies as enterprise assets.

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TopBraid GraphQL: Bringing the Worlds of JSON and RDF Together

This webinar highlights TopBraid EDG’s support for the GraphQL standard. GraphQL for RDF/SHACL provides powerful access to RDF data​, combining W3C semantic standards with a ​popular ​JSON-centric ​query language for APIs​.​ All TopQuadrant’s products provide out-of-the-box support for GraphQL.

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Interested in learning how knowledge graphs are an ideal and the only viable foundation for bridging and connecting enterprise metadata silos?