TopBraid GraphQL: Bringing the Worlds of JSON and RDF Together

This webinar highlights TopBraid EDG’s support for the GraphQL standard. GraphQL for RDF/SHACL provides powerful access to RDF data​, combining W3C semantic standards with a ​popular ​JSON-centric ​query language for APIs​.​ All TopQuadrant’s products provide out-of-the-box support for GraphQL.

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Semantic Data Governance for GDPR Compliance

GDPR is an urgent and critical area of regulatory compliance and data governance. In this webinar we show how the GDPR knowledge base along with the general data governance and regulatory compliance capabilities of TopBraid EDG, built using knowledge graphs, provide the support and flexibility needed for ensured and timely compliance with GDPR.

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An Overview of SHACL: A New W3C Standard for Data Validation and Modeling

SHACL is a powerful, W3C standard for data modeling, validation, transformation, inferencing and ontology design. In these webinar recordings, we demonstrate that the SHACL constraint language can support enterprise applications by showing ways that it is currently being used within TopBraid EDG, including validating data entered by users, and dynamically generating forms.

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Metadata Management is Key to Data Governance Initiatives

In this webinar, we outline the importance, challenges and value of effective metadata management for meeting regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring data quality, etc. We show how knowledge graphs support the capture and governance of meaningful metadata, and demonstrate the capabilities of TopBraid EDG for comprehensive metadata management.

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Reference Data Management in TopBraid EDG

In this webinar, we outline the importance of Reference Data Management (RDM) and steps needed for implementing it. We demonstrate capabilities of TopBraid EDG–Reference Data Management for: getting started with RDM; importing, mapping and curating reference data; and connecting RDM with broader data governance assets and collaboration capabilities.

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Guided ML: Intelligent Autoclassification of Content Using Managed Vocabularies

In this webinar we address various scenarios of Autoclassification that depend on your goals as illustrated by the following questions: Do you already have a search engine and want to make it more intelligent? Do you need an intelligent search engine based on managed vocabularies? Do you need a real-time autoclassification service? TopBraid Tagger and AutoClassifier uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) to automatically assign most relevant tags and to further enrich the content. It takes advantage of ML being controlled by vocabularies and humans in the loop to rapidly refine training sets and initial tag suggestions.

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What is new in recent releases (6.1 and 6.2) of TopBraid EDG?

This webinar explores new enhancements and capabilities to TopBraid EDG in releases 6.1 and 6.2. Highlights from Release 6.1 include: Dynamic inferencing, and Role-based personalization, and from Release 6.2: Users can enrich their data using Wikidata, and The much-extended scope of data lineage. These and many more new capabilities are demonstrated. Each of these releases also brings significant improvements in EDG’s UI, configurability, performance, and scalability

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