What’s New in TopBraid EDG 7.1?

Register for the webinar to learn about the new TopBraid EDG 7.1 features, like, a new visualization to enhance users ability to review models, understand data and more.

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What’s New in TopBraid EDG 7.0?

TopBraid EDG 7.0 is currently available for beta testing. Join the webinar on Mar 11 as we discuss the architectural changes and explore new capabilities and enhancements, and much more.

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Data Cataloging with Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs are a key technology for data cataloging because they can meaningfully capture and connect the vast variety of enterprise data sources. Check out our on-demand webinar resources to learn more.

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What is New in TopBraid EDG 6.4?

TopBraid EDG version 6.4 completes the delivery to users of an intuitive, powerful, and flexible UI for data governance and knowledge graph management tasks and collaboration. Furthermore, TopBraid EDG 6.4 offers a number of new capabilities making it easier to Import and Catalog data, to Generate Reports, to Collaborative and Personalize Users Views.

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Endorse 2021

Join TopQuadrant at the upcoming Endorse 2021 conference on March 16-19.

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