What is New in TopBraid EDG 6.4?

TopBraid EDG version 6.4 completes the delivery to users of an intuitive, powerful, and flexible UI for data governance and knowledge graph management tasks and collaboration. Furthermore, TopBraid EDG 6.4 offers a number of new capabilities making it easier to Import and Catalog data, to Generate Reports, to Collaborative and Personalize Users Views.

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Getting Started with Knowledge Graphs: Main Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Some RDF-based standards and technologies been available for decades. During this period, the standards evolved and matured and so did the best practices and our understanding of what works and what does not. Explore our webinar resources to learn about real-world examples of companies learning about and applied knowledge graph technologies.

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What is New in TopBraid EDG 6.3?

TopBraid EDG version 6.3 delivers a new user experience for editing and viewing knowledge graphs. Review our recent webinar resources to learn about the enhanced user experience.

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Semantic Knowledge Graphs are the Governance Architecture of the Future

Currently, due to legacy IT environments, data governance is often an afterthought.  It is an add-on layer retrofitted after data sources and applications are introduced in the enterprise. Knowledge graphs provide the basis for a  forward looking approach that data owners, data consumers, data stewards, architects, engineers,  and all data stakeholders can adopt and utilize in their designs, development, and operations. In this webinar we show how TopBraid EDG is an enterprise knowledge graph infrastructure that delivers adaptive enterprise data governance.

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Taxonomies, Ontologies, Knowledge Graphs, Oh My!

As semantics and knowledge graphs become mainstream, terms like ontologies and taxonomies are also being discussed. But what are they? In this webinar we address frequent questions regarding taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs, and more.

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TopQuadrant User Group Meeting

Given the recent success of our first post 6.4 customer user group meeting, we are offering this experience to all users of TopBraid EDG. Oct 1 at 11:00 AM.

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