Free Webcast: The Foundations of Successful Reference Data Management


This webcast was successfully presented on March 18, 2015. Thanks to all who attended!

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Free Webcast:

Wednesday, March 18th, 11:30am EST

The Foundations of Successful Reference Data Management

What is poor reference data management costing your organization?

Join our webcast to learn why reference data management (RDM) is critical to your organization. We will discuss the challenges associated with implementing an RDM solution and the essential components of any vision for the governance and management of reference data.

Special Note: Following the webinar, all attendees will receive a free PDF copy of Malcolm Chisholm’s new Whitepaper: “Successful Reference Data Management: Why and How?” This timely paper extends and covers the topics of the webinar in more detail.

Who Should Attend: Chief Data Officers, Data Stewards, Data and Enterprise Architects, Data Managers, Data and Business Analysts and information users from organizations of all sizes who are interested in improved management of reference data.

Join this webcast to learn:

  • What is reference data?
  • Why is reference data management important?
  • What are the challenges of reference data management?
  • What are some best practices for the governance and management of reference data?
  • What capabilities should you look for in a reference data solution?

More on the Speakers:

Malcolm Chisholm

Malcolm Chisholm

Malcolm Chisholm has over 25 years experience in data management, and has worked in a variety of sectors, including finance, insurance, manufacturing, government, defense and intelligence, pharmaceuticals, and retail. He is an independent consultant specializing in data governance, master/reference data management, metadata engineering, business rules management/execution, data architecture and design, and the organization of Enterprise Information Management. Malcolm is a well-known presenter at conferences in the US and Europe, writes columns in trade journals, and has authored the books: Managing Reference Data in Enterprise Databases; How to Build a Business Rules Engine; and Definitions in Information Management. In 2011, Malcolm was presented with the prestigious DAMA International Professional Achievement Award for contributions to Master Data Management. He holds an M.A. from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. from the University of Bristol.

Bob DuCharme

Bob DuCharme
Bob DuCharme is a Semantic Solutions Architect at TopQuadrant. He performs solution requirements, architecture analysis, design, and semantic model-driven application development on TopBraid EVN and the TopBraid platform, especially in the area of custom and standardized controlled vocabularies and the relationships between these. Bob came to TopQuadrant in 2009 from Innodata Isogen, where he did system and architecture analysis and design for a wide range of global publishing clients as well as co-chairing the 2008 Linked Data Planet conference in New York City. Earlier in his career, he oversaw SGML and XML development at Moody’s Investors Service and then moved on to LexisNexis, where he did data and systems architecture as they made the transition to XML-based systems.

He is the author of O’Reilly’s “Learning SPARQL,” the only book devoted to the Semantic Web query language. Bob’s other books include Manning Publications’ “XSLT Quickly,” Prentice Hall’s “XML: The Annotated Specification,” and McGraw Hill’s “Operating Systems Handbook.” He’s also written for Nodalities Magazine, O’Reilly Network’s, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, and IBM developerWorks. Bob received his BA in Religion from Columbia University and his Masters in Computer Science from New York University.




Malcolm Chisholm

Malcolm Chisholm

A thought leader in master and reference data management, Malcolm will give an overview of the importance and challenges associated with Reference Data Management (RDM) and governance and highlight areas of best practices to achieve modern RDM and governance including what capabilities to look for in a reference data solution.

Bob DuCharme

Bob DuCharme

a Semantic Solutions Architect at TopQuadrant, Bob will give further insight regarding capabilities needed for effective RDM based on Malcolm’s framework, such as the need to manage a wide variety of reference data metadata. He will show how TopQuadrant’s new offering for RDM addresses key requirements to support a modern RDM solution.