Explore our documentation for TopBraid products, as well as additional resources for Topbraid-compatible languages and web applications

Product Documentation

User Guide

A comprehensive guide for data stewards, knowledge engineers and other knowledge workers using TopBraid EDG – an agile, integrated, enterprise information governance.

Administrative Guide

A guide to installing and operating the TopBraid EDG Enterprise Server. Topics include global EDG setup, configuration, and maintenance from within the EDG application.

Developer Guide

This guide describes advanced techniques for customizing aspects of TopBraid EDG. You’ll learn advanced techniques for EDG data preparation and services.

IDE, Technology, and Standards Documentation

TBC-ME Guide

TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition is used to develop ontology models, configure data source integration, and create semantic web services and user interfaces.

SWP Guide

SPARQL Web Pages (SWP) makes it easy to build powerful and flexible web applications that interact with RDF data. It uses SPARQL to define user interfaces.



SHACL is an official W3C standard, a modeling language for describing a set of conditions that data should meet – specifically, data in knowledge graphs.

SPARQLMotion Guide

A Linked Data framework for data transformation. Script developers can visually chain together pre-built processing modules to form complex processing pipelines.


GraphQL Guide

A popular data query and manipulation language, GraphQL allows clients to define the structure of their data to translate and return the data in JSON from the server.

User Guide

SPIN provides a way to define rules, constraints, functions, and more for Semantic Web data. SHACL supersedes SPIN, and we recommend to use it in its place.


Interested in learning how knowledge graphs are an ideal and the only viable foundation for bridging and connecting enterprise metadata silos?