On March 18th, we will be hosting our latest free webcast, The Foundations of Successful Reference Data Management. Join our webcast to learn why reference data management (RDM) is critical to your organization. We will discuss the challenges associated with implementing an RDM solution and the essential components of any vision for the governance and management of reference data.

Malcolm Chisholm, a thought leader in master and reference data management, will give an overview of the importance and challenges associated with Reference Data Management (RDM) and governance and highlight areas of best practices to achieve modern RDM and governance including what capabilities to look for in a reference data solution.

Bob DuCharme, a Semantic Solutions Architect at TopQuadrant, will give further insight regarding capabilities needed for effective RDM based on Malcolm’s framework, such as the need to manage a wide variety of reference data metadata. He will show how TopQuadrant’s new offering for RDM addresses key requirements to support a modern RDM solution.

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