TB LSI and Bio-IT logosWe’re looking forward very much to showing TopBraid Life Sciences Insight (TopBraid LSI) at the Bio-IT World conference and expo next week in Boston.

Through our research, we’ve found efforts in drug discovery, clinical trial research, and other data-intensive life sciences tasks are often hampered by the need for more efficient federated queries across silos, bad alignment of related data, and dependence on expensive, inflexible tools.

Working with experts in the field, we’ve developed TopBraid LSI as a Logical or Virtual Data Warehouse: coordinated views on multiple data sources that let you query and use these data sources without actually loading them into a single data warehouse. A web-based interface lets users identify alignments between different data sources without requiring them to know the standards used to store and leverage these alignments, and then, using an approach similar to Map-Reduce, queries can be efficiently distributed across the data sources to return federated answer sets. You can learn more about how TopBraid LSI works and how it can help life sciences professionals from our new white paper (PDF) on it.

TopBraid LSI has also been selected as a finalist for Bio-IT’s Best of Show award in the Informatics Tools & Data Category, so we’re also looking forward to showing it to the judges. And, we’re taking part in the conference’s New Product Showcase, which has a very interesting mix of cutting edge research and IT tools for the life sciences field. If you’ll be at Bio-IT World, stop by and see us at Booth 323, where you can find out more about TopBraid Life Sciences Insight.