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Oil and Gas Solutions

Companies in the Oil and Gas sector operate in a complex environment. Having an effective strategic information infrastructure is key to their ability to address challenges arising from:

  • Changing information requirements
  • - as a result of evolving compliance rules and regulations, competitive pressures, and new strategies

  • The need to integrate data and exchange information across departments and with third parties
  • - including supply chain partners and regulators

  • Information coming from a wide variety of sources and data formats
  • - Well data, geodata, drilling data, production data, seismic data, …

TopQuadrant's solutions for the Oil & Gas industry are based on ISO 15926, an industry standard for data modelling and interoperability.

They are used to securely share drilling and production data between all operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, to report this information to authorities, to monitor and analyze impact of the operators' activities on the environment and, soon, to track movement of equipment.

To learn more and to schedule a demo contact us at sales@topquadrant.com.

White Paper: Semantic data for Oil & Gas

What if combining data from your many Excel spreadsheets, Oracle databases and other sources to get views of the aggregated information was as easy as linking pages in a web site?
As this paper (originally published in the Digital Energy Journal) explains, semantic data standards to make this possible already exist and are in use in the Oil & Gas industry.
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Video: EPIM LogisticsHub

The oil companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) started the development of EPIM LogisticsHub. It will become a common solution for sharing tracking information about cargo carrying units (CCUs) and their content. LogisticsHub uses TopBraid Live to capture all events and share information across the supply chain.
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