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Life Sciences Solutions

Life Sciences knowledge is doubling every few years with the result that industry professionals are struggling to keep up with the explosion in knowledge. Pharmas, biotechs, and other Life Sciences organizations are increasingly driven by timely access to unified information. In addition to information growth, factors that drive these requirements are:

    • Changing information requirements

- as a result of evolving compliance rules and regulations, competitive pressures, and new strategies

    • The need to integrate data from third parties

- including scientific journals, patent databases, CROs, CMOs, EMRs, regulators, or public Web content

    • Wide variety of formats

- from highly structured databases to completely unstructured documents

In the Life Sciences industries, making critical business decisions depends on having relevant information. However, queries often have to span multiple sources of information. In accessing, searching and using information, you may need to:

  • increase the efficiency of the target and lead drug discovery processes
  • provide knowledgeable researchers, physicians and payers with credible information
  • correlate data from clinical trials across multiple studies
  • ensure the right treatment to the right person at the right price

Life Sciences professionals need data of many kinds, from numerous perspectives and on multiple topics ranging from gene expression studies to clinical observations. They must be able to simply and readily bring such data together and view, explore, and analyze it. To discover key information, relationships and patterns they need to search, query, and question any aspect of the data from any angle. Sourcing, aligning and generating insight from aggregated information, at a given time and in a given context, are the key challenges.

TopBraid products and the underlying TopBraid platform are specifically designed to capture information and knowledge from diverse data sources, systems and people and dynamically provide it in an integrated and meaningful way at the point of need:

    • TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN) – simplifies management of biomedical and pharmaceutical terminologies used to facilitate sharing of regulatory information, improve findability and enable data integration.
    • TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG) – an agile data governance solution for today's dynamic enterprise.Using standards-based graph technologies, TopBraid EDG supports integrated data governance across the ever growing numbers and types of data assets and governance needs – because connections are important.

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White Paper: TopBraid Insight for Life Sciences

Learn how TopBraid Insight frees scientists from tedious data management tasks and allows them to fully focus on their research.
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Case Study: Extracting Value from Data Silos

Using a virtual semantic data warehouse to link chemistry and biology for innovation.
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