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Digital Media and Publishing

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other” – Bill Gates

There is no industry for which this quote rings more true than Digital Media. Whether a company directly derives revenue from its content or whether content provisioning contributes to its other business, its digital presence depends on having an agile and responsive information management ecosystem for creating and managing content as well as to meet the emerging needs for the delivery of “smart” content.

Metadata makes your content smarter. Smart content can be easily recombined to create new products. Metadata makes search results more relevant, enables better navigation with access to all related information and helps to target content to user's context.

TopBraid products and the underlying TopBraid platform are uniquely suited to help you manage metadata for your most important assets:

  • TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (TopBraid EVN) – supports collaboration on creating and managing semantic information models – taxonomies, business vocabularies and ontologies. TopBraid EVN complements and works with any content management and search system by enriching it with semantic capabilities.
  • TopBraid EVN Tagger – uses the vocabularies created with EVN to add relevant metadata to your documents and other information assets, boosting their value for your users. For more on Tagger, click the Modules tab under TopBraid EVN
  • TopBraid Live dynamically delivers vocabulary and metadata services to enrich search and content management experiences.

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Video: Powering Semantic Search with TopBraid EVN

Learn how TopQuadrant's Semantic Search solution can improve the performance of a search application.
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Ways to enhance the search experience >>

Case Study: Enhancing Content Access at Mayo Clinic

Employing TopBraid EVN’s flexibility to manage semantic vocabularies and create semantic metadata for tagging content allowed Mayo Clinic to create relationships among vocabularies and between terms and content. This provided a more intelligent means of searching for and delivering results on Mayo Clinic’s integrated website.
Download Case Study >>

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