Blog: Why new AI tools like ChatGPT need Knowledge Graphs
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Gabriel Sobrino

Chief Data Officer

“Our mission is to prevent wildfires and we saw an opportunity to leverage Knowledge Graphs to streamline data sharing across local, state and federal resources. TopBraid EDG has allowed us to improve resource tracking and mapping, and improve prevention techniques. In time, we believe less major fires, less homes burned down, less displaced people, and better environmental hygiene.”

GS1 Nederland Nederland

Gabriel Sobrino

Data Services Manager, GSI Nederland

“TopBraid EDG allows our organization to combine structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to create one source of truth via a Knowledge Graph. As an international organization, we manage information about regulatory standards across several regions and TopBraid EDG allows us to provide visibility on the standards used in different countries.”

Gabriel Sobrino

Chief Data Officer, Fortune 500 Technology Services Company

“TopBraid EDG is the only product on the market that supports both semantics and data governance; without the governance piece the value of semantic data models just isn’t there”

Gabriel Sobrino

Chief Data Officer, Fortune 500 Healthcare Organization - Integrated Healthcare, Education & Research

“The actionable information provided to our end users created a more seamless search experience. Using TopBraid EDG gave us the freedom to create relationships between our existing vocabularies and helped us transition our existing websites into one primary source of information, reducing confusion and providing users better access to information they are seeking through improved access to relevant content and enhanced search results.”

TopBraid EDG

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Why New AI Tools Like ChatGPT Need Knowledge Graphs

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Build better products faster

At pharmaceutical companies, R&D relies on making connections and collaboration. However, data often lives in dispersed systems and adhere to a variety of business and reporting standards. Data ecosystems created with TopBraid EDG can give unprecedented visibility into the product lifecycle – from molecule to market – to streamline regulatory compliance, preserve and surface insights, and ultimately speed product development.

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Managing metadata for mission-critical problems

Reporting needs within financial institutions are constantly changing. Most existing data management systems struggle to handle diverse data and metadata that support your operations. You need to be able to quickly understand large, diverse and complex data landscapes, map data to regulators’ requirements, track decisions and controls on data and be prepared to respond to new requirements. Knowledge graphs of regulatory policies can serve as a source of truth for CDOs to support compliance teams and mitigate regulatory risk.

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Optimize content delivery

Advanced capabilities such as recommendation engines have complex data requirements that often span multiple domains. Semantic data products created with TopBraid EDG bridge the divide and enable media companies to repurpose content to optimal audience segments.

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