… To start exploring, you can

1. For an in-depth view, navigate to our FIBO Browser or try a simpler Search View.

2. In the Search View, you can type any term (e.g., Contract, Equity or “date trading”) and see results. In FIBO browser, you will see a class tree. To find a specific class simply type the characters it starts with in the lookup field on top of the tree. Once a match is found, click to select and see its description and other available information.

A search input field that shows autocomplete of the word affiliate

3. If you want to find a property in FIBO Browser or don’t know the starting characters of a class name, use the “Find class or property by text” facility in the tree menu. It will match your search string against all name (label) and description fields.

A search input field that shows autocomplete of the word affiliate

4. Get a visual view of each class by clicking on a Class Diagram on a form. All links are clickable.

Class Diagram

5. Or, for a simpler, less technical visual exploration and additional search features, select Display NeighborGram from the gear menu at the bottom. It is available for all resources, not just classes.


TIP: You can zoom into the NeighborGram™ to get a better view of the relationships between your data.

FIBO ™ is a business conceptual ontology standard providing a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, legal entities, market data and financial processes.

FIBO is a project of the Enterprise Data Management Council. See www.edmcouncil.org/financialbusiness

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