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TopBraid Composer Installation

Welcome to the latest release of the TopBraid Composer Installation page.

Extensive Help is provided within TopBraid Composer (all editions) for both basic and advanced topics of use. New users, e.g., during evaluation, will find the guidance provided within the Help facility to be useful for particular tasks, but also as a quick overview to become aware of and experiment with the extensive capabilities provided. A Getting Started Guide with hands-on exercises is also available.

TopBraid Composer 6.1 Release

The system requirements for Composer are the same as for the Eclipse 4.3 platform. Java 8 is required.

TBC version 6.1 includes Enterprise Data Governance (EDG). See Release Notes for more information.

Note: Starting with TopBraid 5.0, we no longer support 32bit binaries of Composer.


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Installation Instructions

Start by unzipping the download file to a folder. TopBraid Composer can be installed in any folder with write access. Installing into the Program Files folder is not recommended, as some versions of Windows restrict access to this folder. Double-click the executable file named "TopBraid Composer".

Upgrading a Workspace from a Previous Installation

Please see the FAQ: How do I upgrade to the latest version of Composer?

Registration: Install Key File

Please see the FAQ: How do I register my product with a key file?

Installing Source Code Management and HTTP Proxy Settings

TopBraid Composer can be used with Subversion (SVN) for version control of text-based projects. Composer supports the Subversive plug-in for Eclipse. For licensing reasons, parts of the subversion system are not included in Composer installations. To complete SVN installation, a plug-in must be downloaded and installed in TopBraid Composer. See instructions at Installing Source Code Management and HTTP Proxy Settings.

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