About This Webinar

Aired Live on: August 4, 2016 @ 11:30 am ET

Many organizations today are managing business vocabularies to ensure optimal re-use, delivery, and navigation of information. Key enterprise goals include achieving clarity on enterprise terminology, improving search, enhancing content navigation and aligning the meaning of data across data sources to enable information integration.

But once vocabularies are created, how are changes to them safely managed? When are changes needed? What stakeholders are involved in making and approving changes?

Who Should Attend: Ontologists, Taxonomists, Data Governance Stakeholders, Publishers, Metadata Specialists, Content Managers, Information Architects and anyone who works with ontologies,taxonomies, and other controlled vocabularies as well as the data or content related to these vocabularies.

Join us for this webinar to learn how TopBraid EVN provides multiple capabilities for safely managing changes to vocabularies, including:

  • Audit trails –for viewing/reverting changes, and generating change reports
  • Working copies –sandboxes for safely making changes, approval workflow, promoting changes to production
  • Publication to TopBraid EVN Explorer – for anonymous (re)viewing, commenting and change requests from SMEs and other stakeholders
  • RACI assignments and notifications of change events
  • Cloning a vocabulary – to create a “version”

More on the Presenters:

Irene Polikoff

Irene Polikoff has more than two decades of experience in software development, management, consulting and strategic planning. Since co-founding TopQuadrant in 2001 Irene has been involved in more than a dozen projects in government and commercial sectors. She has written strategy papers, trained customers on the use of the Semantic Web standards, developed ontology models, designed solution architectures and defined deployment processes and guidance.

Eric Freese

Eric Freese is a Sr. Semantic Solutions Architect at TopQuadrant. He performs solution requirements, architecture analysis, design and semantic model-driven application development on TopBraid EVN and the TopBraid platform. Eric came to TopQuadrant in 2016, but has many years of experience with the TopBraid platform as a customer with several organizations.