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Do you have complete control over your data?

Data fuels critical applications and business activity within your Enterprise and you are the steward for that critical data. Congratulations! The width and the importance of the role demands any help that technology can offer. We have built TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance(TopBraid EDG), ground up to help you ace your stewardship role! TopBraid EDG is a new type of agile data governance solution. It uses a non-proprietary, graph standards-based, model-driven approach to capturing and preserving the meaning of data - something we call ‘semantic information management’.

Questions you might be facing:
  • What data are we governing?
  • How much governance is adequate?
  • How are we governing that data- What policies and measures are in place?
  • How confident am I of the data I am responsible for?
  • Is data being used in a way that it was intended for?
  • How do I explore new datasets within the organization?
  • How do I make sure I am using the most accurate and up to date data for that report?
Interested in how TopBraid EDG can help your stewardship tasks?
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