TopBraid Composer 2.4.0

Release date: November 09, 2007
Changes: changes-2.4.0.txt
Prior Version: 2.3.1

Starting with this release, we are offering a significantly extended version of TopBraid Composer, called the Maestro Edition. Maestro provides several new capabilities listed below. In the future, we will publish upgrades to both versions synchronized at the same day and with the same version number. Note that Maestro requires a different (and more expensive) license key than the Standard Edition.

Changes to TopBraid Composer - Standard Edition

  • Added clean support for Oracle 11g RDF based on a completely new adapter implementation. 10g is still supported but no longer recommended.
  • The Graph is now editable, i.e. users can visually create new resources and add links between them.
  • It is now possible to open multiple editor windows for the same file. This makes it possible, for example, to open multiple forms, and to place a graph alongside with a form.
  • OWLIM is now the default inference engine.
  • Upgraded to Pellet 1.5.1, resolving some of the Jena integration bugs
  • Form editor can be used to let the system automatically expand nested forms and images

Additional features of TopBraid Composer - Maestro Edition

  • A built-in TopBraid Live test server for rapid application development.
  • Support for document generation with semantic Java Server Pages.
  • SparqlMotion: A new visual semantic web scripting language comparable with Yahoo Pipes.
  • XMap: A new technology to import arbitrary XML files, and to query, edit and export them back to XML.
  • BIRT: SPARQL-based visual report generation and charting tool kit.
  • EMail import to OWL for semantic analysis of emails.