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Kurt Cagle highlights TopQuadrant's solution as "innovative in this space with their work on SHACL (a data schema language). They also tend to have broader data governance strategies that make them good products for implementing traditional semantics at an enterprise...

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TopQuadrant’s Q3-2018 Issue

As 2018 comes to a close we took a look back at key topics that were of most interest in our conversations with customers, prospects and at the many industry events we attended throughout the year. Read More

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TopQuadrant’s Q2-2018 Issue

Today, enterprise information and data are among the most important assets of an enterprise – some even refer to data, not oil, as today’s most valuable asset. An organization’s optimal use and management are the motivations behind the rapid growth and urgency of...

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TopQuadrant’s Q1-2018 Issue

You may have heard the term “knowledge graph” from Google or Microsoft. These companies use knowledge graphs for smart search. Knowledge graphs provide an equally powerful platform for enterprise data governance, integration and reuse. Read More

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