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How to use TopBraid as a data validation server

RDF data validation is the process of checking a (data) graph against constraints from a schema definition. In the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL), constraints are themselves expressed in a RDF syntax, in so-called shapes graphs. SHACL-based validation engines can (among … Read More »

An Overview of SHACL Features and Specifications

After two and half years of collaboration and discussions, the W3C Data Shapes Working Group has produced a collection of specifications that define the features of the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL): SHACL (Official W3C Standard Recommendation) is the main document, … Read More »

Using SHACL Data Constraints in the TopBraid Web Products EVN and EDG

(original posted on September 6, 2016) What is SHACL? The RDF Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is a new W3C standard for specifying rich data constraints as part of semantic data models. It can be used with RDFS/OWL ontologies or, alternatively, an … Read More »

SHACL: The next-generation data modeling language

Update: See this tutorial for new developments on SHACL. The Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is an evolving specification produced by the W3C RDF Data Shapes Working Group. TopQuadrant is actively supporting the development of SHACL in the W3C Working Group towards … Read More »

Web Services and TopQuadrant Products

TopQuadrant's TopBraid platform provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make it easy to integrate TopBraid applications (both, customer built and TopQuadrant provided, such as TopBraid Reference Data Manager, TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net) with other systems in your enterprise. APIs take the … Read More »

What RDM solutions are being implemented across industries?

Recently TopQuadrant partnered with Malcolm Chisholm, a thought leader in master and reference data management, to conduct a webinar on reference data management entitled: The Foundations of Successful Reference Data Management. Click here to watch the recorded webinar or to … Read More »

Transforming Spreadsheets into RDF with TopBraid

Much of the data today is held in spreadsheets. Not surprisingly, there is a lot interest in transforming spreadsheet data into RDF. Spreadsheets are very flexible. The most commonly used format is a simple table with a column header on … Read More »

SPIN and SPINMap in Action at the U.S. Veterans Health Administration

The recent article “Semantic Interoperability of Electronic Healthcare Info On The Agenda At U.S. Veterans Health Administration” describes how U.S. Veterans Health Administration physician informaticist Rafael Richards, when integrating multiple data sources at the VA, “uses TopQuadrant’s SPINMap to … Read More »

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