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How to use TopBraid as a data validation server

RDF data validation is the process of checking a (data) graph against constraints from a schema definition. In the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL), constraints are themselves expressed in a RDF syntax, in so-called shapes graphs. SHACL-based validation engines can (among … Read More »

An Overview of SHACL Features and Specifications

After two and half years of collaboration and discussions, the W3C Data Shapes Working Group has produced a collection of specifications that define the features of the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL): SHACL (Official W3C Standard Recommendation) is the main document, … Read More »

Using SHACL Data Constraints in the TopBraid Web Products EVN and EDG

(original posted on September 6, 2016) What is SHACL? The RDF Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is a new W3C standard for specifying rich data constraints as part of semantic data models. It can be used with RDFS/OWL ontologies or, alternatively, an … Read More »


We fielded several questions as part of our recent webinar, Reference Data Management in TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance. The webinar focused on how to start a data governance initiative with reference data management and how to expand at your own … Read More »

Using the TopBraid EDG Platform to Support Semantic Search

Many organizations come to us looking for a search capability to better enable their business and eliminate the data stovepipe syndrome (think isolated, disparate and yet related data). One customer example is a large, public financial institution that we are … Read More »

Reflections from the Data Governance Financial Services Conference 2016

It’s no surprise that most of the buzz at the recent Data Governance Financial Services Conference in New Jersey was focused on the increasing demands that the industry faces in fulfilling regulatory requirements. The challenges we heard from attendees on … Read More »

Thoughts on My Experience at the DGIQ 2016 Conference

At the recent Data Governance and Information Quality Conference in San Diego I came across a new breed of innovators. These innovators are not trying to solve new problems but are finding innovative ways to solve existing problems. While the … Read More »

Questions and Answers from our recent webinar: collaborative ontology management in TopBraid EVN

The second in a series of ‘deep dive’ webinars on TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN) featured a short presentation and demo of some key capabilities for collaborative ontology management provided by TopBraid EVN 5.1. Many people have experienced EVN's taxonomy … Read More »

TopQuadrant and Taxonic Partner to Deliver Linked Data Solutions to Europe

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Taxonic.  The relationship will allow both companies to deliver a complete solution platform for Linked Data. Linked Data, a set of best practices developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), offers … Read More »

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