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Using the TopBraid EDG Platform to Support Semantic Search

Many organizations come to us looking for a search capability to better enable their business and eliminate the data stovepipe syndrome (think isolated, disparate and yet related data). One customer example is a large, public financial institution that we are … Read More »

Data Governance Q&A from our recent Webinar, “Data Governance and the Connected Enterprise”

Thanks to everyone who attended our first in a series of TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) webinars. We demonstrated how a standards-based approach to data governance supports the diversity and rate of change that define today's complex data ecosystems. The webinar … Read More »

Tagging documents about finance with TopBraid EVN AutoClassifier

The constant growth of unstructured content remains a challenge to information management programs as these often lack solutions and time to determine which documents have important content and require retention, curation, disposal or other actions. A key step in addressing … Read More »

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