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Reflections from the CDO Summit 2016-NYC

We valued and enjoyed our discussions with several chief data officers and other data governance professionals at the CDO Summit 2016, NYC in December – so navigating the inevitable holiday crowds in Manhattan proved to be worth it. These conversations … Read More »

Supporting Data Governance – What is Important?

Why is data governance important? I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this question recently – most likely as a headline for an article, webinar or whitepaper.  Chances are the answers to this question have been quite varied, … Read More »

SHACL: The next-generation data modeling language

Update: See this tutorial for new developments on SHACL. The Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is an evolving specification produced by the W3C RDF Data Shapes Working Group. TopQuadrant is actively supporting the development of SHACL in the W3C Working Group towards … Read More »


I had the pleasure, along with Bob DuCharme, to represent TopQuadrant at the recent Data Quality & Information Quality Conference, June 8-12, 2015, San Diego, CA. TopQuadrant was a gold sponsor, exhibited, gave two talks, and we got a great … Read More »

Linked Data in the Enterprise

In the beginning, software processing was about automating paper-based business processes. The processes modeled were reasonably static and the data often fit into the tabular format. Hugely successful, this approach resulted in the digitization of immense amounts of information creating … Read More »

How Can Big Data Technologies Address Heterogeneous Enterprise Data?

In the insightful post Big Data: New Oil or Snake Oil? recently published on, Simon Moss distinguishes between two different types of Big Data: New data volumes capturing web-based digital retail, mobile activities, social media interactions and Internet search … Read More »

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