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Are you looking to derive more business value from your data?

Today's organizations need a self-service access to data for business users - workers who depend on finding and using data in order to carry out their day to day activities. Business users must be able to understand the meaning of data and trust its accuracy and provenance. To support this goal, TopBraid EDG enables collaboration and knowledge sharing across the entire organization - from business stakeholders to data professionals.

How can semantic information management help?

If you have used Google or Facebook, you may have heard the term "knowledge graph" or at least noticed how these systems are able to connect different things and use these connections. What is a knowledge graph? It is a way to flexibly connect different items. For example, people and locations or universities and films or people and books, etc. You get the idea - the possibilities are endless. Then, use these direct and indirect connection to answer any question such as who have attended a university that is featured in a film that plays in a cinema next to you.

The same powerful approach is now possible for enterprise data. Many data governance solutions, based on proprietary approaches, are limited in what they can describe. They aren’t flexible enough and can’t connect ALL of your data assets.

In contrast to traditional approaches, TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance is a new type of agile data governance solution. It creates a knowledge graph of all information including business, operational and technical metadata. It is flexible and can adapt to changes in the data, metadata, business needs and the organization itself. It uses the meaning of information to answer you questions - this is why we call it "semantic information management".

Interested in how TopBraid EDG can connect your data?
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