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Business Glossaries

Create and manage common vocabularies of business terms to ensure clear communication and improve understanding of your data

Glossaries are designed to improve understanding of data’s context and usage, and often power many different everyday business operations. Glossary terms not only have descriptions of their meaning, but they also define business context of use and can be linked to the underlying technical metadata to provide a direct association between business terms and data sources and data elements.

TopBraid EDG lets you create organized collections of terms with meanings specific to different aspects of your operations. These glossaries are managed in an RDF knowledge graph, empowering them to be more reusable by other systems, integrated them into data products along with reference data, and imbuing them with meaning such as business and technical metadata.

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Automating the Mapping of Data Elements to Business Terms

Business Glossary Resources

Product Video
Creating a Business Glossary in TopBraid EDG
This video shows how to create a business glossary in TopBraid EDG and populate it with terms, definitions, and related descriptive metadata.
Business Glossaries
Product Video
Importing Spreadsheet Data into TopBraid EDG using Active Data Shapes
This video demonstrates importing spreadsheet data into TopBraid EDG using Active Data Shapes scripting technology.
Business Glossaries
Product Video
Searching within an Asset Collection (Using Glossary and Data Assets as Examples)
This video shows how TopBraid EDG can be used for comprehensive search within a given asset collection.
Business Glossaries
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