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Editing Ontologies and Instances with TopBraid EVN

TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN) has become known as one of the premier tools for multi-user management of distributed taxonomies, but fewer people know that it is not limited to taxonomies. EVN can work with any RDF/OWL model and data, … Read More »

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How Can Big Data Technologies Address Heterogeneous Enterprise Data?

In the insightful post Big Data: New Oil or Snake Oil? recently published on wired.com, Simon Moss distinguishes between two different types of Big Data: New data volumes capturing web-based digital retail, mobile activities, social media interactions and Internet search … Read More »

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TopQuadrant named finalist for Industry Driven Technology award at the 2014 NC Tech Awards

TopQuadrant was named a finalist for the Industry Driven award at the 2014 North Carolina Tech Awards! Hosted by the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA), the NC Tech Awards are North Carolina’s only statewide technology awards program, recognizing outstanding achievement … Read More »

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SPIN and SPINMap in Action at the U.S. Veterans Health Administration

The recent semanticweb.com article “Semantic Interoperability of Electronic Healthcare Info On The Agenda At U.S. Veterans Health Administration” describes how U.S. Veterans Health Administration physician informaticist Rafael Richards, when integrating multiple data sources at the VA, “uses TopQuadrant’s SPINMap to … Read More »

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TopQuadrant is presenting and exhibiting at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference 2014

TopQuadrant is a Silver Sponsor and exhibitor at the 10th annual Semantic Technology Conference. The conference will take place August 19-21 in San Jose, CA. TopQuadrant will also be giving three key talks during the conference. TopQuadrant’s Co-Founder/Executive VP and … Read More »

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ReportLinker Chooses TopQuadrant as its Metadata Management Partner to Deliver Smart Digital Content

We're thrilled to announce that ReportLinker has selected TopQuadrant as its metadata management partner to deliver smart digital content. ReportLinker is a leading search engine, offering access to the largest online collection of information released by private publishers and public … Read More »

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On July 10th, we will be hosting our latest, free webcast, Semantic Data Virtualization: Extracting More Value From Data Silos. Creating a physical repository to integrate a particular collection of data – a traditional data warehouse – is both slow … Read More »

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NoSQL, RDF, and TopBraid

What is NoSQL? The term “NoSQL” was originally applied to a 2009 meetup of developers interested in the growing number of database systems that did not use the relational model. As the name caught on, some people interpreted it to … Read More »

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