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TopQuadrant’s Bob Ducharme speaking at Taxonomy Boot Camp 2013

Posted by Robert Coyne on October 11, 2013
Bob DuCharme is speaking on the upcoming “Semantic Search” panel during Taxonomy Boot Camp on November 6th in Washington D.C. Bob’s topic, “Enhancing Searches With Taxonomies and Semantic Technology,” will cover how taxonomies based on semantic technology can help with focusing and augmenting searches, correcting terms, disambiguation and using other vocabulary metadata sources to increase the quality of your search results. Attendees will learn more about how TopBraid EVN, acting as a vocabulary server, can improve a search engine's ability to get more accurate and relevant results, and the role of semantic technology standards in making this happen.

Taxonomy Boot Camp is the premiere event for people who manage vocabularies. Bob has spoken at this conference before, noting “it's been interesting to see ideas about the value of semantic technology spread out from thought leaders in this field to a wider audience.”

In addition to speaking, Bob is looking forward to attending presentations at the conference to learn more about the latest techniques for managing controlled vocabularies–specifically, how people use these vocabularies to get more value out of other information assets (for example, by aiding search engines). According to Bob, “talking with attendees also brings me up to date about the latest challenges facing taxonomists, and this provides great input for new TopBraid EVN features.”

Are you attending the show? If so, drop us a line and don’t miss out on Bob and the Semantic Search panel from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m on November 6th!


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