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Big Data

A TopQuadrant Enterprise Data Integration and Management Solution

TopQuadrant's Big Data solutions fulfill the promise of big data (better analytics) by governing and integrating the many varieties of data in your organization so that you can actually analyze what is there!

  • Big Data Variety is the Bane of Big Data Analytics

    As we recently reported in Information Week (2013) big companies' biggest problem is with data variety.

    Data variety is:

    • Disparate data sources
    • Different data schemas, structures and media
    • Volatility – everything is constantly changing with new sources, repositories, schemas and formats

    Enterprises need to master variety. The notion of a database, no matter how large, as the single-system, monolithic “version of the truth and center of all analytics” has proven ill-equipped to deal with the variety and volatility of data in a modern enterprise.

    Limitation of the single central data warehouse concept creates a proliferation of, hundreds and sometimes thousands, departmental workarounds: special one-off systems, data marts, sandboxes and spread-marts with little or no tie-in to the central system – all creating even more data variety! Adding to it are new datasets from the web, Apache Hadoop, smart devices and other sources.

    Effectively dealing with and taking advantage of data variety, brings key benefits:

    • Ability to use important data irregardless of its schema, format and location
    • More reliable analytics
    • Decreased cost of managing volatility

    The W3C standards that underlie TopQuadrant's TopBraid platform and solutions provide an excellent basis for governing a growing complexity of enterprise data sources and a strategy to take advantage of dynamic aggregation of disparate data.

    TopQuadrant offers multiple solutions for resolving data variety and volatility. For more information and to schedule a demo, contact us at

    Solutions include:

  • TopBraid Products for Big Data include:

    TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) is an agile data governance solution for today's dynamic enterprise.

    Using standards-based graph technologies, TopBraid EDG supports integrated data governance across the ever growing numbers and types of data assets and governance needs – because connections are important.

    Learn more >>

    TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net (EVN) offers a comprehensive collaborative environment for creating and managing domain models. These models are flexible ontologies that can capture the concepts people naturally use when thinking about the domain. Models developed in EVN used in TopBraid Insight to enable analysts interaction with data of interest. Furthermore, EVN serves as a metadata management environment across the entire variety of data sources.

    Learn more >>

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