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TopBraid Insight™ (TBI) is a semantic virtual data warehouse with true federated query capabilities. It is an agile, extensible approach to querying data from diverse data sources.

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Availability of information is at the heart of solving business problems across industries. TopBraid Insight™ (TBI) empowers businesses with on-demand integrated access to diverse data, making it possible to discover information just in time.

  • Organizations need to simply and readily bring data together to view, explore, and analyze it. But how can they achieve this in a world where data assets, data fragmentation and volumes are exploding?

    Traditional approaches that require physical consolidation of data in a warehouse:

    • Can no longer cope with delivering the wider view of data or address the increasingly dynamic nature of data exploration requirements.
    • Are designed to help end users answer only specific, predefined questions on business operations.

    “The big thing … today is that people don't pretend to know the right question to ask ahead of time.” Dan Kusnetzky, industry analyst

    TopBraid Insight is an “out of the box” Logical Data Warehouse that offers an agile, extensible way to query data from diverse data sources in a high performance open architecture. TopBraid Insight presents data from multiple datasets as if it were within a single database delivering the following benefits:

    • Since the data is federated, the overhead of replication is avoided.
    • It is simple to incrementally add new datasets.
    • Unlike a traditional data mart, the consolidated schema can be easily changed or updated to reflect new concepts and new types of questions without the need to change any underlying datasets.
    • Different virtual data warehouse models (consolidated schemas) can be tailored to different users without duplication of data or new ETL scripts

    TBI is not limited to RDBMS data sources. It supports other formats such as XML, spreadsheets, Linked Open Data and web services. Since data need not be replicated there are no concurrency problems nor large data storage problems. Based on Semantic Web Technologies, TBI uses the power of RDF and SPARQL to unify data for querying and aggregation of results.

    TopQuadrant is developing industry solutions based on the TopBraid Insight product—the first is for the Life Sciences. TBI solutions include industry specific ontology models and pre-configured access to popular data sources.

  • TopBraid Insight gives you:

    • Data selection and access – Customers’ internal data sources and public data sources are easily configured to address data integration and access needs.
    • Multiple ConnectSets – TBI provides access to information using ConnectSets and ExploreSpaces. A ConnectSet defines how data from different data sources comes together and becomes available to the users. Multiple ConnectSets can be created with TBI, each potentially connecting different data sources or connecting the same data sources in a different way.
    • Multiple ExploreSpaces – An ExploreSpace uses a ConnectSet to provide users with the ability to explore data of interest. As users search and browse data from the diverse sources, the ExploreSpace is dynamically populated with the retrieved results. At any given time, there may be multiple ExploreSpaces based on the same ConnectSet—each created to answer different questions and containing different slices of data. This way, TBI provides the ability to dynamically create datamarts focused on particular subsets of data.
    • Mapping – At the core of data federation is the need to match data found in one data source to data in other data sources. TBI supports ID mapping and concept mapping.
    • Query Federation – The approach powering TBI is similar to that of Map-Reduce. Query performance is excellent as the Map-Reduce approach only fetches the data from sources that are required. Expensive cross-database joins are avoided.
      Search – Keyword and parametric search are available across diverse data sources. Users can select the searchable properties.
    • Discovery – Intuitive navigation and exploration allowing just in time discovery of information
    • Collaboration – ExploreSpaces with retrieved and discovered data are sharable with colleagues

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